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How Our Communities Create Our Culture

People collaborating in a meeting room

We have amazing people at Saxum. 

And we believe our employees are our most valued assets. Well, employees and laptops, but laptops are easy to replace. As such, we focus a lot of our energy ensuring that we’re inclusive, that we live our values (Brave, Original, Lively, and Driven), and that we maintain an excellent culture. Leaders and team members throughout the organization play a role in creating an inclusive culture. One of the many ways this plays out is through our communities. 

We don’t define  our communities as a physical space, with our name plastered in large letters outside. Communities are our way of enhancing our culture by connecting those that work in similar ways.

While these communities have unique characteristics and individual cultures, they all still weave into our overall culture—we are one agency. We are all passionate about the issues we choose to work on. We are all obsessed for good.  And we are all committed to creating meaningful and measurable change. 

We’ve created these communities so that we can deliver excellence to our clients and make progress on our mission, but work in ways that meet our individual needs. Some of our communities include: 

Our Remote Community

Our remote community allows us to find the best talent anywhere, without regard for where these team members call home. Located throughout the world they pair flexibility and accountability to deliver excellent work to our clients. Social activities happen virtually, but together they find the best way to keep our culture alive from wherever they call home. 

Our Headquarters (HQ) Community in Oklahoma City

We got our start in Oklahoma City almost two decades ago, there is a lot of history there. The team here collaborates, celebrates and builds relationships in-person most days, but also has the flexibility to work from home. HQ is invigorated three times a year when all our people come together in-person to connect. We also have formal and informal working space in Oklahoma City that allows us to produce excellent work. 

Our Market Communities

These communities are built of multiple individuals strategically invested in the city they live and work in. They work from home some days, in a shared office space, or wherever they feel deeply connected to the cities they call home. They have the ability to collaborate in person or virtually and collectively contribute to the communities where they live. 

Our Freelancer Community

Sometimes we need a highly specialized skill and others we need boots on the ground in a specific geographic location or anything in between. Our freelance network extends across the globe and is made up of experienced individuals who can help us round out the perfect project team. 

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About the author

Sara is the Chief Talent Officer at Saxum, a digital agency obsessed for good.