Obsessed for Good

We are here for good. Our obsession drives us to move mountains for a better world.

Why We're Obsessed for Good

Obsessed for good is what drives our work. It fuels what we do, what we create, our culture.

We believe that every company has an obligation to not only focus on the bottom line, but to also focus on change for good. This is not just a strategic stance — it’s a necessary one.

And change for good starts with us. Our actions in our everyday work have the power to make a difference.

We are a team of purpose-driven people. Saxumites know it’s not enough to just show up — we need to be unapologetically, obsessively committed to a better world. We are changemakers. And we know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

How We Live It

Our unique programs reflect our commitment to living out our obsessed for good mantra.

Leadership Program

Our answer to leadership.

All Saxumites can be liberating leaders—people who communicate effectively, understand themselves and others, and aren’t afraid to advocate for everyone’s success. Liberating leaders are obsessed for good in the workplace, but they also bring the skills they’re learned to their families, friends, and communities as part of their commitment to a better world. We partner with GiANT Worldwide and use our Saxum YOU professional development program to support our full team in building the skills critical to becoming a liberating leader.

Step Up Program

Our answer to giving back.

Our obsession for good starts at the local level. We give back to our communities through our Step Up program, which provides pro bono services for clients whose missions align with ours. Since 2009, we’ve provided more than $1.2 million in services for organizations who are obsessed for good.

Contribution Program

Our answer to philanthropy.

We recognize Saxumites are passionate about causes outside of our client work. Our matching program allows eligible employees to become involved in causes that personally matter to them. Contributions up to $500 annually per full-time employee made to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations are reimbursed.