These are the people behind our work. Each one is driven, bold, lively, and unique. Together, we deliver strategic campaigns and digital solutions.


Alexa Faulkner

Senior Project Management Specialist

Alyson O Shea

Specialist, Client Service

Alyx Butt

Supervisor, Digital Strategy

Amy Pyles


Aran Bruce

Senior Managing Director, Marketing & Business Development

C. Renzi Stone

Executive Chairman

Chelsea Watkins

Operations Director

Dallas Goodson


Emily Suse

Senior Specialist, Client Service

Hayden Hinchey

Supervisor, Client Service

Houda Elyazgi

Managing Partner, Client & Strategy

Jennifer Monies

Managing Partner, Growth

Jess Robbins

Associate Managing Partner, Strategy

Kadi Irvin

Director, Paid Media

Katie Bullock

Managing Director, Client Service

L. Anthony Triana

Senior Supervisor, Client Service

Leslie Blanchet

Director, Client Service

Madelyn Deevers

Specalist, Project Management

Madison McCarthy

Managing Director, Paid Media & Digital

Matt Morgan

Director, Client Service

Michelle Brandon

Managing Director, Project & Resource Management

Nick Torontali

Managing Director, Creative

Rachel Hallum

Specialist, Digital

Zach Gilliam

Vice President, Technology