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  These are the people behind our work. Each one is driven, bold, lively, and unique. Together, we deliver strategic campaigns and digital solutions.


Abbey Stanley

Associate Integrated Media Planner

Allbriton Robbins

Executive Creative Director

Alyx Butt

Associate Digital Strategist, Web

Amy Pyles


Anna Taylor

Director, Digital Strategy

Anthony Holloway

Senior Account Strategist

Aran Bruce

Senior Director, Business Development & Marketing

C. Renzi Stone

Executive Chairman

Cara Rich

Motion Designer & Editor

Catherine Englebert

Sr. Project Manager

Chelsea Watkins

Associate Director, Communities & Operations

Claire Reeves

Production Coordinator

Darielle Carmouche

Digital Project Manager

David Schuermann

Chief Financial Officer

Dustin Schmidt

Creative Director

Emily Suse

Account Coordinator

Gentry McKeown

Digital Strategist

Hannah Kloppenburg

Senior Content Strategist

Hayden Benge

Senior Account Strategist

Houda Elyazgi

Chief Client Officer

Jack Woolslayer

Business Development Specialist

Jeff Risley

Chief Growth Officer

Jen Pera Castro

Director, Integrated Paid Media

Jen Rohrig

Sr. Project Manager

Jenn Culley

Accounting Manager

Jennifer Monies

SVP, Public Affairs & OK Growth

Jerryd Clinton

Creative Director

Jess Robbins

Senior Director, Innovation

John Salame

Senior Art Director

Kathryn Hildebrand

Sr. Project Manager

Katie Bullock

Senior Account Director

Kelly Davila

Account Strategist

L. Anthony Triana

Media Relations Supervisor

Lacey Boone

Associate Account Director

Matt Morgan

Account Supervisor

Meridith Tucker

Senior Account Director

Michelle Brandon

Vice President, Project & Resource Management

Michelle Gray

Account Director

Mike Nichols

Senior Copywriter

Natalia Alanis

Account Coordinator

Nick Buscemi

Account Strategist

Rachel Orland

Account Coordinator

Sara Walker

Chief Talent Officer

Shauna Peters

Associate Account Director

Stacey Watson

Associate Account Director

Tempie Farmer

Creative Resource Manager

Terry Whitmore

Art Director

Von Ralls

Technical Manager

Zach Gilliam

Vice President, Digital Marketing & Technology

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