Advice for Future Female Leaders

Women are increasingly emerging as powerful agents of change, breaking through barriers and reshaping industries. As we wrap up Women’s History Month in 2024, Saxum is proud to showcase the remarkable journey of one of our Managing Partners, Sara Walker.

Sara’s story is not just an individual triumph but a representation of the collective strides women have made in recent years. Her commitment to clear communication and inclusivity has played a pivotal role in shaping the culture at Saxum.

Sara’s Leadership Philosophy

Sara’s favorite quote, “Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind,” by Brené Brown, encapsulates a leadership philosophy rooted in transparency and empathy. In the current landscape, leaders like Sara emphasize the importance of clear and compassionate communication, recognizing it as a powerful tool for fostering collaboration and driving positive change.

Inspiring Change Through Diverse Perspectives

“Incorporating different voices and personality types into the change process, as well as communicating the ‘why’ as often as you can,” is Sara’s approach to inspiring change. This resonates with the broader trend of recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in the decision-making process and including a spectrum of voices.

Advice for Future Female Leaders

Sara’s advice to future female leaders echoes the sentiment of empowerment. She urges them not to succumb to imposter syndrome and emphasizes the importance of building a support network. As women continue to ascend into leadership roles, fostering a sense of community and mutual encouragement becomes crucial for sustained success.

She gives a notable piece of advice for all women and people alike: “Keep track of your accomplishments and revisit [them] when you can’t remember why you have a seat at the table.”


As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s essential to acknowledge the progress made and set our sights on a future where women in leadership is not an exception but the norm. The momentum continues to build, and women like Sara Walker are at the forefront of a more equitable and inclusive professional landscape.

Saxum remains committed to championing diversity and celebrating the achievements of women in leadership. Let us collectively shape a narrative that inspires and emboldens the leaders of tomorrow!