Four Key Takeaways from My Fellowship

Two years ago, I started at Saxum as a design grad fellow, focusing primarily in video editing and motion graphics. My first few months here taught me a lot of things–personally and professionally–that I still use today in my current role as a full time motion designer/editor for Saxum. I learned so much as a grad fellow, but here a the biggest takeaways from my experience that I carried with me into my full-time role:

Culture is so important and really influences the way we all communicate. Saxum is huge on the culture of our team. It’s a great environment with so many people willing to put in the work to get to know one another, work hard, and still have some fun times with your coworkers. (Pro-tip: Get to know one another, it’s invaluable. It makes work better, it makes your time better, and can help you down the road). Saxum’s culture creates a safe space for anyone to speak up. Every voice is important. As an intern or grad fellow, your voice matters, and if you bring solid solutions and great work, you’re going to make a lasting impact.

Another important one? Feedback. Asking for feedback is hard, but can be even harder to hear. That said, it’s so important to constantly be pushing yourself for your career and your growth. I learned early on through my fellowship that feedback was one way I was able to improve myself. I began asking the people around me how I can be better and what ways I’m succeeding.

Through my fellowship, I gained so much knowledge about the industry and design world that really set me up to be able to grow into my full-time role as a motion designer and editor. Saxum gave me the tools early on to learn new skills as well as expand the skills I already had. I learned to work hard, but to also have a healthy work-life balance. Know when to take breaks and know when you really need to be pushing yourself to make it past the finish line.

Saxum taught me to never stop trying to be your best self. You can’t always do it alone and there are always people actually wanting to help you, not just willing. For me, finding a mentor was a must (Pro-tip: Find a mentor who will continue to motivate you to keep growing!). I got lucky enough to find multiple people at Saxum that are still mentoring me today. They each bring something incredibly different, but all have taught me valuable knowledge and experiences that I will always hold onto. Saxum also set me up for success by teaching me to have goals, write them down, execute them, and bring them to the table. Every. Single. Time. (Your coworkers will be so grateful!).


Interested in applying for a Saxumship? Applications are open! Deadline to apply for spring 2023 is October 31.