My Internship Experience at Saxum

My time as a Digital Content intern at Saxum went above and beyond my expectations.

I started as a summer intern, but I was able to extend my internship into both fall and spring semesters. I grew both professionally and personally, and I learned even more about the industry than I hoped. What made my time at Saxum truly special was the meaningful connections I made in the time I was an intern and the hands-on experience that I was able to gain.

Saxum prioritizes making connections, and during my first week, I was able to meet coworkers from all areas of the agency. Everyone I met with was so friendly and made it a breeze to feel like I was a part of the Saxum team.

During my time here, I was able to work on meaningful projects, and wasn’t running errands like many people imagine interns do. My supervisor almost immediately pulled me into hands-on work with the clients that challenged me, but she was always there when I had questions or needed help getting started on a project. It was exciting to get real feedback from the clients and my supervisor, and to see some of my work go outside of the internship.

One of my favorite parts of the internship was “All-Staff Week,” where everyone in the agency came together to work in the OKC office. It was so exciting to meet the faces behind the little squares on my computer and participate in fun and engaging activities with them. I could see first-hand how well they all worked together as a team and how truly Obsessed for Good everyone at the agency is.

I am so grateful to have been a part of the Saxum team, and as I look back at my time as an intern, I am excited to take the knowledge and skills I have learned into future jobs and opportunities. Thank you to everyone at Saxum for making this an unforgettable experience!

– Sydney Tague, Digital Content Intern