Podcast: Leadership Without Losing Your Soul with Amy Pyles

Saxum President Amy Pyles recently joined David Dye, host of the Leadership Without Losing Your Soul podcast, to speak on leadership, managing your time and more.

Listen to the full interview with Amy Pyles

Amy and David dive right into leadership and the importance of liberating your leaders. Amy shares that liberating your leaders doesn’t mean giving out orders. It’s about empowering the team through the right balance of support and challenge. To be a liberating leader, you need to identify what support your employees need, what challenge they can rise to and how you are going to productively deliver that. At Saxum, we use leadership training and tools from our partner, GiANT Worldwide, to practically and proactively create a culture of liberation and emphasize human-centered leadership.

In the podcast, Amy also emphasizes the importance of protecting your time. “People treat your time how you let them.” She explains that you can set boundaries around your time while still delivering on and meeting work expectations. In order to do our best at the office, we need a common understanding of how we can protect our time in a way that helps us take care of ourselves and our business. At Saxum, it’s important to us that our team has the autonomy and support they need to do their best work. That’s why we implemented My Time – a philosophy centered around a combination of trust, flexibility, accountability and respect for each other’s time during and outside of work. This approach helps our team establish clear boundaries between “on time,” “off-time” and everything in between, ultimately allowing them all to take better care of themselves and their work!