How Obsession Changes the World

Today brands and marketers have a bigger obligation than just selling. They also have an obligation to focus on change for good.

At Saxum, Obsessed for good is what drives our work. It fuels what we do, what we create, and empowers our culture. But what does it mean to be obsessed, and why does it matter?

Obsession changes the world

When you channel your passions toward good causes, you can change the world. Obsession isn’t just goal setting. Anyone can set and meet a goal. Obsessions drive people to channel their abilities and achieve big things with laser focus. It was the fuel that built the world’s seven wonders, paved 50,000 miles of the U.S. interstate system, and sent us into space.

At Saxum, we know this comes with great responsibility. Focusing the energy of an individual or group toward a single goal places exceptional power on one target, and this magnitude of force must be used for positive ends.

We constantly grapple with the concept of obsession to leave the world a better place than we found it. We feel that by being obsessed for good — where passion and purpose collide — we can make a real difference in the lives of our employees, clients, and their businesses while building a profitable, healthy, growing business of our own. We look beyond profits and stakeholder returns to create meaningful and measurable change.

Some brands and marketers believe that the sole purpose of business is to generate profits for shareholders. For years now, business classes and books have preached that shareholder return is senior to everything. On the surface, this philosophy makes sense. Without income and profit, companies can’t survive and thrive. But is that really the only reason why a business should exist? There’s a better way.

Why we’re obsessed for good

We’ve found our business prospers when we focus our offerings on issues we care about, so we work on issues we know are essential to our world, developing deep expertise in these areas. From there, we guide other businesses and their leaders to fulfill their own unique passions and improve crucial areas of our economy (all while still earning healthy profits).

These are the issues Saxum is obsessed with:

  • Infrastructure & Energy
  • Disruptive Ventures
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Education
  • Placemaking

Our commitment to these issues

It’s one thing to talk about obsession, but words without action are meaningless. We’re committed to making concrete progress on issues, and we’ve put our words into action by participating in the
United Nations Global Compact. Our focuses align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, giving our team a strategic framework for making an impact.

Being obsessed for good is not a project or program — it’s central to our identity. We’re a company with a well-defined strategy that has worked for years and defines the work we do now and pursue for the future.

Outlining our focus areas is just the tip of the iceberg. We do so much more to create a positive impact, which you can read more about in our free book – a transparent guide to understanding our process and gaining inspiration for building your own.

Obsessed for Good: A Marketer's Guide to Changing the World

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About the author

Jeff Risley is the Chief Growth Officer at Saxum, a digital agency obsessed for good. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for insights into brand strategy, digital marketing, and public relations.