All-Staff 2023 Rewind

Twice a year, our team spends a week together IRL at our OKC HQ office to connect, learn and work together outside of our computer screens. This All-Staff week was extra special as we celebrated 20 years of Saxum! Get a glimpse of our All-Staff week through the lens of some of our current summer interns and graduate fellows:

My first All-Staff was a very impactful and fun experience! Going into the week, I was anxious to meet everyone in person. However, upon arriving I immediately felt welcomed and appreciated. This stood out to me because I have never found an agency that fosters such a rich work culture. Throughout the rest of the week, I formed deeper connections with my coworkers and fellow interns. The thing I found most valuable was the Establishing Common Ground workshop, a DEI initiative hosted by my coworkers. We were able to have hard conversations, and we were encouraged to share openly about our different experiences. This welcoming and supportive environment is something that Saxum excels at. They are Obsessed for Good which is apparent in their intentionality in everything they do. Overall, this week impacted me in many ways, and I am thankful to be an intern for such an amazing agency.

  • — Natalie Hope, Client Service Intern

My first All-Staff was insightful and very informative! As a new hire, I was eager to meet everyone at Saxum during my second week of work. The timing was great and I felt prepared to meet everyone in person for the first time as a way to kickstart my new position here at Saxum. This is the first time I have worked in a mostly remote environment, so seeing a full office made my heart happy and reminded me of good times! My favorite part of All-Staff was the Oklahoma State Capitol Tour. Throughout my three years of living in Oklahoma, I have learned so much about the history, politics, and culture of the state. I was so excited to visit the capitol for the first time because I have always had an interest in United States history. All-Staff was the perfect welcome for my new job and I am excited to see how I learn and grow with Saxum.

  • — Alexis Martinez; Graduate Fellow, Project Management

I was pumped to meet all my remote coworkers and fellow interns in person, and I loved the opportunity to get together with our remote community members. We participated in a mindfulness seminar, a shift at the Regional Food Bank, and a mini campaign challenge—those were my favorite parts of the week. I really appreciate that Saxum cares about things like workforce health, giving back to the community, and professional development. The week was a total blast and we had plenty of opportunities to collaborate in our department groups. When everything was over, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to all of our awesome out-of-state peeps! I would definitely recommend an All-Staff event week for small businesses to connect, recharge, and renew their excitement for their work.

  • — Sarah Draper, Copywriting Intern

All-Staff came at the perfect time for my launch into Saxum. All-Staff served as an opportunity to meet everyone on the team in person, during only my second week. The meaningful activities quickly showed me the welcoming environment and friendly culture that Saxum values for its employees. It was obvious that every seminar and discussion was crafted with the intentions of improving personal growth and group fellowship. My favorite part of the week was the Oklahoma State Capitol Tour. The tour was extremely educational and provided insight on the politics of our great state. All-Staff overall made me exceptionally excited to thrive at Saxum.

  • — Joseph Mahan, Graduate Fellow, Client Service

My first All-Staff experience was an extremely rewarding experience. As someone who works virtually, having the opportunity to meet and bond with the team in person was a real pleasure! Coming into All-Staff as an intern was a little intimidating at first, but everyone was so warm and welcoming. I loved all the activities that involved us getting to know the team better, like Jeopardy and the Establishing Common Ground DEI Workshop. Additionally, I found the tools we learned from Recharge with Rimmer to be extremely valuable and a true reflection of Saxum’s commitment to the well-being of its staff. I am immensely grateful for Saxum and this experience, as it left me feeling highly motivated, inspired, and with newfound friends among my coworkers.

  • — Lorena Curiel, Paid Media/Ad Operations Intern

All-Staff was a super encouraging and fun-filled week. It was so exciting to finally meet everyone in person, and have us all in the OKC office. I loved that we had time to work together, and it showed me how truly committed Saxum is to community and inclusivity. As an intern, I was a little worried that we wouldn’t “fit in” as well as our coworkers who have been with Saxum for years, but everyone was so welcoming that I felt like a true Saxumite. My favorite part of the week was the Alice IRL. It was so exciting to see our group in action and so rewarding when we were able to present the campaign that we had created in such a short time. I am so thankful that Saxum prioritizes a week like this as I left feeling recharged and more connected than before!

  • — Sydney Tague, Digital Content Intern

Coming to All-Staff was a fantastic opportunity, I was able to get the human connection that comes with the in-office experience. I was able to interact with employees at all levels, which helped me quickly assimilate into the company’s working environment and understand its core values a little bit better. I feel like I gained a holistic understanding of Saxum’s structure, workflows, and goals through the ALICE IRL activity and being together as one group throughout the week. At the end of the week I felt more energized to get back to work because I was able to develop a friendship with someone who was previously only a face on a screen. I am so thankful that I was able to grow from this opportunity and get a sense of what the career looks like.

  • — Jack Blase, Client Service Intern