Podcast: Women Worldwide with Amy Pyles

Saxum President Amy Pyles recently spoke with Deirdre Breakenridge, host of Women Worldwide, about how marketing technology can increase business growth.

Listen to the full Women Worldwide interview with Amy Pyles.

In this interview, Amy explains how breaking into the technology and innovation industry can be intimidating, especially for women. However, it doesn’t have to be so scary. Amy suggests going into new spaces–whether it be technology or marketing–with a curious mindset. She also emphasizes the importance of being a good listener. Being able to really listen, hear a problem and have the industry’s aptitude enable you to be a great problem solver.

Amy also explains a phrase we often use here at Saxum: Who says you can’t? We work with GiANT Worldwide to help us better understand emotional intelligence and how it plays into daily life, not just in the workplace. One aspect we focus on at Saxum is the difference between inhibition and prohibition. Inhibition is what we put on ourselves and our own expectations, while prohibitions are the actual rules and expectations. As Amy explains, inhibitions are what hold us back most often. When we release our inhibitions, it will unlock some of those unrealistic expectations and fear of failure we put on ourselves, setting us up for success.