Podcast: A Modern Nonprofit with Houda Elyazgi

How do YOU define success? Are you willing to innovate and optimize?

Chief Client Officer Houda Elyazgi talks about the importance of answering these questions before creating a strategic communication plan with A Modern Nonprofit podcast host Tosha Anderson.

Houda explains the importance of strategic communication campaigns to help build momentum and get public support for your most important initiatives. Tactics are important elements in a strategic campaign; however, they may look different for different situations. Houda illustrates how crucial it is to not limit your toolkit of tactics. For example, while a digital campaign might make sense for one situation and audience, it does not mean it will work the same way for another. Once you decide what message you want to convey, it’s necessary to then figure out who you are trying to reach with your message. Houda also discusses how crucial it is to meet your audience where they are. Make sure you give yourself flexibility to use the right tool to reach the right audience.

Houda also speaks on engaging the public to earn support and stakeholder loyalty for your initiative. It’s important to build with the community, not for the community, something we like to call Social Permitting. Taking a listen-first approach and building trust is the key for social permitting, which leads us to a loyal following and helps turn the goals for your project into realities.