Podcast: MegaBucks Radio with Amy Pyles

Saxum President Amy Pyles recently spoke with Nina Hershberger, host of MegaBucks Radio, about how marketing technology can increase business growth.

In this interview, Amy discusses the importance of building a marketing technology (MarTech) strategy. MarTech can help close gaps in your strategy and take some of the lift off your team, or even make up for lean personnel resources in certain areas. Amy demonstrates how to create different strategies for different audiences depending on what they need and the resources available.

Amy also talks about the difference between understanding a platform and understanding how to market on the platform. Marketing technology plays an important role in transforming your business and elevating your data intelligence. However, what’s also important is connecting MarTech with your sales strategy, something we like to call Revenue Marketing. To learn more about how we can make Revenue Marketing work for you and your business, download our free ebook.

Revenue Marketing Ebook

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