The Role of Visuals in Advertising

People love compelling visuals. We put our favorite art on our walls, wear good-looking clothes and decorate our homes for special occasions. Persuasive advertising should utilize powerful copy and visuals. The visual elements of a campaign can drastically change its impact and meaning.

Visuals influence consumer behavior

Why do children’s cereals have cartoon characters and bright colors on their boxes? Why do Progressive commercials feature vikings and monsters made of Sticky Notes? Because interesting pictures, colors and art all contribute to selling a product or service to the target audience.

Customers want to see what your brand does. They want visual proof of the value you can give to them. That’s why even companies with intangible goods, like banks, use pictures in their advertising. In this case, they might use photos of happy families–alluding that the bank’s great services make its customers happy. Leveraging a campaign’s visuals can help convince your prospective customers to invest in your business.

Choosing the right imagery for the message

You want to support the content’s message with the visuals. They have the power to tell stories and evoke emotions more effectively than text alone. Incorporating storytelling elements into your visuals can create a stronger connection with your audience and make your brand more memorable.

When visuals evoke strong emotions, inspire, or entertain, they are more likely to be shared by consumers, leading to increased brand exposure and reach. Consumers value authenticity and relatability. And visual storytelling allows brands to showcase real stories of their customers or employees. Always keep in mind the campaign’s core purpose. Choose mediums, colors, and art styles that evoke the emotion you want your audience to feel when they see your ads.

Remember that sometimes, less is more when it comes to visuals. Simple and minimalist designs can be impactful and memorable. Consider the concept of “less is more” when choosing visuals that convey your brand’s message effectively.

Positioning your brand with visuals

Keep your brand’s visual presence consistent. Use the same colors and style throughout your website, digital content and advertising materials. By staying consistent, consumers will be able to distinguish your unique look among similar brands.

Consider how the colors you use can help consumers understand your brand. Studying color psychology can help you understand which colors generate the vibe you’re going for. For example, the color red can feel big and bold, while blues feel more calm and trustworthy.

As you grow your brand and develop new campaigns, choosing the right visuals can make a huge difference for the success of your content. Always be mindful of the impact they have on your message.