Keys to Creating More Value With Your Paid Media

In today’s competitive and saturated marketing world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach the right people, in the right places, at the right time, with the right message. People are bombarded with paid advertisements from all angles at all times and, in many ways, have become really good at tuning out messages that aren’t for them, which is why an integrated marketing strategy is so important.

In addition to owned, earned and shared media strategies, your paid media strategy should integrate seamlessly within your marketing mix to help navigate this complex landscape, creating new opportunities for reaching your audience segments and providing additional value and impact to your business or brand as a whole.

What does a robust paid media strategy look like?

For starters, it goes far beyond basic research, planning, buying and execution. At Saxum, we deliver a media experience focusing on five dimensions of value to ensure our clients get the most out of their paid media investments.

It’s connected.

People’s day-to-day lives and experiences aren’t siloed, so your media strategy shouldn’t be either. The goal of a good paid media strategy should be to create an omnichannel approach — a coordinated, integrated effort that allows all relevant media, both online and offline, to work in unison and find the best ways to tell stories, creating a positive experience for each consumer at every stage of their lifecycle.

It’s seamless.

Paid media doesn’t start at the ad buy and doesn’t end with a click or website visit. Your paid media should seamlessly integrate into your larger marketing and communications efforts, whether full-funnel or beyond.

Remember: There’s no need to disrupt a sound strategy. On the contrary, finding ways to integrate your paid media into already-established strategic and tactical plans can help bolster efforts and drive additional insights and value.

It’s actionable.

Data’s essential, but it’s only as valuable as the insights you’re able to pull from it. Each connection made with an individual is a unique opportunity to gain insight into your audience, brand or product.
Be sure you’ve set up ways to gather and pull real-time insights from your performance data, which will allow you to make optimizations (or even business decisions) quickly and decisively. A thoughtful approach to data collection will serve you well now and in the future.

Remember: Always choose real people over algorithms and invest in first-party, addressable audiences when possible.

It’s agile.

With the pace of marketing today, we’ve quickly evolved past “set it and forget it” paid media strategies to those that allow you to be more agile – to respond, iterate, experiment and reconcile in real-time at any scale. From your organizational setup to creative testing to reporting, every facet of your paid media strategy should allow you to be fluid and responsive in managing your efforts.

We leverage advances in AdTech like AI, machine learning, automation and personalization to bring added value, insights and efficiency to each dollar spent, making campaigns work better, smarter and harder.

It’s inclusive.

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the confusion of different paid media platforms, acronyms (CTR and CPV, what?) and placement options, paid media does not have to be complicated. With the right partner, paid media shouldn’t feel intimidating.

While you may not become a paid media whiz overnight, partnering with an integrated agency can help you streamline your processes, shorten learning curves and lower the barriers to entry.

A partner that makes paid media easy.

Paid media isn’t just an investment – it’s another opportunity for your organization to maximize value and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts when you add the correct elements of time, place, message and tech. We believe in media for all, all the time and do our best to demystify paid media to help you understand and fully realize the value it can bring.

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About the author

Jessica Robbins is the Senior Director of Innovation at Saxum, a digital agency obsessed for good. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn for industry insights.