Podcast: Wickedly Smart Women with Amy Pyles

Saxum President Amy Pyles recently spoke with Anjel B. Hartwell, host of the Wickedly Smart Women podcast, on being obsessed for good, social permitting and more.

Did you know Amy was originally a theater major in college? She explains how her background prepared her for her current role at Saxum. The answer? Lots of no’s. In the beginning of her career, she learned how to wear many hats for various roles, which helped grow her skill set and made her more flexible. From client service to digital team, Amy explains how wearing many hats gives you such a different view of operations. When you experience different roles firsthand, you develop a kind of empathy that allows you to see through a different lens.

Amy also dives into social permitting, our process of engaging the public in order to secure support for your project. It’s all about building true community engagement and stakeholder loyalty to create change. When you get a permit to start a new infrastructure project, you also need to get a community permit from the people you’re affecting. You have to work with the community, not just for the community.