Podcast: The Verdict with Jeff Risley

Chief Growth Officer Jeff Risley virtually sat down with Tom Feher, host of The Verdict podcast to discuss being obsessed for good, first-party data and more.

In this interview, Jeff explained the significance of conscious capitalism for today’s marketers. Conscious capitalism incorporates purpose-driven values and ESG criteria into your business strategy rather than solely focusing on stakeholder return. For example, people care that their favorite brands impact the world. Millennials and Gen Z place an even bigger priority on purpose and make more purchase decisions based on the impact brands have on the world. Jeff also illustrates how businesses often only want help with a specific problem, typically tactical issues. However, businesses should think more strategically and holistically. Once a strategic conversation gets going, we can do a lot more and have a more significant impact.

Jeff and Tom also speak on the importance of data in an integrated marketing strategy. Jeff highlights how organizations usually don’t have a problem with garnering large amounts of data but with finding insights within the data. Jeff illustrates our approach to using data to drive strategies. First, we find out where the data is housed, like within a CRM system, so we know where to start. Once we have that and sift through the first-party data, we can use it in several ways to inform our strategies and discover what kind of marketing works best for the client. From there, we let insights drive our integrated and omnichannel strategies, showing how vital insights are to a successful strategy.

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