Podcast: Let’s Talk Sales with Jeff Risley

Our Chief Growth Officer Jeff Risley recently sat in on another podcast, Let’s Talk Sales, to discuss revenue marketing, obsessed for good and more.

In this interview, Jeff covers how revenue marketing is essential to drive business growth. Saxum’s Revenue Marketing℠ solution is our approach to marketing that helps organizations build scalable, predictable and reliable revenue over time.
However, as he explains, most organizations don’t understand marketing deeply, so they don’t truly understand how to identify what parts of a marketing strategy work and what don’t. Jeff diagnoses this problem as “Marketing MADness Syndrome.”

Marketing MADness Syndrome happens when there are problems with aligning marketing and sales, understanding the audience and using data. In these instances, marketing and sales are not as aligned as they should be. A symptom of the syndrome is that organizations don’t take the time to understand and truly get to know the audience they are trying to target. Another symptom, Jeff explains, is that organizations either have no data to back up their strategies or, if they do, the data doesn’t produce actionable insights. Finally, Jeff illustrates that with Revenue Marketing℠, organizations can put strategic plans in place that can scale, meaning money can be allocated where it’s needed and not wasted.

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