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Telling America’s great energy story.

After nearly 50 years of dependence on foreign sources to meet our growing energy needs, our country is finally reversing the trend. The U.S. is setting a course for energy self-sufficiency through advances in drilling technology, discoveries of new oil and natural gas reserves and swift progress in the renewables sector. The story of energy in America is a great one — one that deserves to be told clearly and passionately to a range of audiences both domestic and abroad. But making that story, with all of its complexities, relevant to an increasingly distracted public remains one of our biggest challenges.

Our experienced energy communication strategists understand what it takes to break through. We can help your organization inspire change among internal stakeholders, build awareness and demand for products and services, navigate the unique pressures of investor communications and win the hearts and minds of stakeholders in critical areas of operation. With Saxum, your company gains a partner that understands the challenges facing the industry today and stands ready with effective, sustainable and strategic solutions.

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Team Members

Kristi DesJarlais
Senior Vice President, Energy Practice Lead & General Manager, Houston
Chad Bianco
Senior Art Director
Amy Blackburn
Account Director, Media and Brand Strategy
Ivan Caro
Melanie Christian
Senior Account Director and General Manager, Tulsa
Aran Bruce
Senior Digital Strategist
Kate Cunningham
Senior Account Executive
Megan Jones
Senior Account Executive
Conrad Kersten
Account Coordinator
Lindsay Laird
Vice President, Business Development
Lou Ann Lissonnet
Account Supervisor
Lisa Lloyd
Integrated Project Director
Jeff Lowe
Technical Director
Dan Martel
Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer
Jenifer McAbee
Digital Project Manager
Jessica Robbins
Associate Creative Director, User Experience
Lindsay Vidrine
Senior Account Director & Health Practice Lead
Debbie Schramm
C. Renzi Stone
Chairman and CEO
Anthony Triana
Media Relations Supervisor
Nida Nizami
Social Media Coordinator
Logan Walcher
Amy Pyles
Vice President, Digital
Ashley Wilemon
Senior Vice President, Public Relations and Public Affairs
Lacey Boone
Account Coordinator

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