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What We Believe

We respect and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make all of us who we are. We draw our strength from our collective experiences—fostering a culture of belonging and innovation.

How We Prioritize DEI

This work is important and these conversations are hard. But we are committed to the long term and strategic efforts of ensuring everyone belongs.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage the outcome. Through confidential surveys, we translate our culture into quantitative data—allowing us to track our progress.

We have a small group of diverse people who champion this important work at Saxum. While this is everyone’s responsibility, we know progress requires strong leadership. Our champions keep us on track.

We’re committed to having 1,000 small conversations—especially the uncomfortable ones. Through formal and informal training, we’re fostering a culture of belonging and innovation.

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Our Favorite Resources

Creative Reaction Lab
Community Action & Equity workshops offer participants the opportunity to learn about Equity-Centered Community Design and examine ways their daily design choices can promote inclusive and equitable outcomes.

The Management Center
Training For Managers – People of Color & Indigenous Cohorts offers a 3-day training that covers all of the management tools and best practices that the center includes in their regular 2-day crash course, with extra time built in for discussion about navigating race, identity, and power dynamics within organizations for managers of color.

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
Better Conversations’ facilitator training to lead better conversations, to connect with others on how to give and receive support during difficult times.

Oklahoma Center for Community & Justice
Inclusive Workplace Initiative provides educational programs, professional development, training and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consultation to enhance workplace culture.