Research-Guided Branding


Pronoss provides provides unparalleled remanufacturing for specialized vehicles that have a job to do, because there is nothing more important than the peace of mind that comes when these vehicles get back to work.


Pronoss was positioned to meet the rapidly evolving collision repair and remanufacturing demands of specialized and heavy-duty vehicles — but as a new company entering the market, they needed a powerful new brand that could grow, expand, and evolve well into the future.


We based the new brand on foundational research, including a stakeholder survey, interviews with subject matter experts, and audience research. This led us to the following six critical insights that would guide the new brand:
The balance of people and technology – It is equally critical to have innovative technology and the right people to utilize it to its full potential.

  • A national brand from day one – Pronoss’ goal is to position themselves as a national brand with potential for growth well beyond any specific region.
  • It’s all about the people – Attracting and keeping not just the best people, but the right people, is a priority from the top down.
  • Speed, but never without quality – Getting customers back on the road and making money as quickly as possible are priorities, but never at the expense of quality.
  • Uniquely positioned for the future – No other company currently offers Pronoss’ comprehensive suite of services for medium, heavy-duty, electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • Created for all vehicles with a job to do – Whether it’s an over-the-road tractor trailer, an Amazon delivery vehicle, an ambulance or an RV, Pronoss is there to get hard working vehicles back to work as quickly as possible.


Saxum leveraged our full Brand Advantage process to set Pronoss up for market success. Based on our research, we created messaging, conducted naming, name vetting and logo concepting, and created a package of fonts, colors, textures, and treatments for the brand. We pulled it all together into a packaged, intuitive brand platform for Pronoss to run with.


Saxum’s branding guidance helped Pronoss establish its story and make a splash in the market.

  • We delivered the brand platform and all assets on time and on budget, and both we and Pronoss were proud of the results
  • Pronoss requested that Saxum use the newly established brand to create a new website for the company from scratch

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