"Made of and Made for Oklahomans"

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance

With agents in all 77 Oklahoma counties, Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance has been providing insurance to Oklahomans for more than 75 years.


Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OKFB) Insurance has been protecting the livelihoods of Oklahomans since 1946. For more than 75 years, OKFB Insurance has offered affordable, dependable, local, reputable, customizable insurance policy options. Even with a long history, OKFB needed to find a way to tell their story in a creative way that resonated with two target audiences — commercial business owners and farmers and ranchers — to more Farm & Ranch and Commercial Insurance.


OKFB conducted a brand survey to measure Oklahomans’ level of awareness and perceptions of OKFB, and to test out potential message points as they looked to reposition themselves in the market.

Through these brand surveys, we learned that the messages “Made of and Made for Oklahomans” and “People You Know. Insurance You Trust.” resonated with Oklahomans. We also learned that most policyholders choose OKFB because they are local, and that a vast majority feel trust is an important factor in choosing an insurance provider.


Through our brand surveys and the experiences of OKFB Insurance agents, we came to believe that OKFB’s strongest selling point is that they are locally based and truly care for their neighbors. This led to the creation of an integrated campaign based around a guiding concept — “We Are Oklahomans: Our Roots Are Here” — as well as a tagline — “Made of and Made for Oklahomans.”

The Saxum team hosted workshops with OKFB Insurance agents to develop personas for their most profitable insurance lines: Farm & Ranch Insurance and Commercial Insurance. These personas, along with key messages, guided the creation and implementation of paid media assets, creative assets, and redesigns of some OKFB website pages to position OKFB as neighbors and friends.

Saxum traveled around Oklahoma and visited with policyholders to capture footage of them in their environment — demonstrating how OKFB is made of and for Oklahomans.

The integrated campaign ran throughout 2021 and drove people to OKFB’s home page, commercial page, and farm page, which we redesigned with the “We Are Oklahomans” creative concept and with the user experience in mind.


Our integrated campaign effectively positioned OKFB as a neighbor, friend and partner to Oklahomans, and generated significant new leads for Commercial and Farm & Ranch Insurance.

  • 586,892 website visits —140% increase compared to 2020
  • 94,226 pageviews for the Commercial Insurance landing page — 29,576% increase
  • 81,205 pageviews for the Farm & Ranch Insurance page — 15,253% increase
  • 3,644 Commercial Insurance leads generated — 24% increase
  • 3,358 Farm & Ranch Insurance leads generated —34% increase
  • 541,000 YouTube view from paid advertising
  • More than 21M impressions across social, search, and digital display ads

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