Capturing Revenue for Clariant

Clariant is a global leader in additive concentrates and performance solutions for plastics. Brands, product manufacturers, designers and plastics processors use Clariant’s products in packaging, consumer goods, medical, automotive, and fibers.


The company’s communications had become too conservative, and there was a general lack of market understanding of Clariant’s innovative approach. The company wanted a new way to not only raise awareness but identify customers and help move them through the buying journey. 


B2B buyers today make a significant amount of their buying decision before they ever talk to a sales person. Marketing must connect with buyers (which is often a committee of people) throughout the buying journey. In other words, marketing is as responsible for generating revenue as sales. But for “revenue marketing” to work, a company must understand its buyers deeply, the decision-making process, what motivates them, and when, where and how to best connect with them.


We provided an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy for Clariant to create meaningful, buyer-centric engagement with its highest-revenue-potential prospects. It included primary and secondary research, empathy mapping and persona development, message development, journey mapping, and development of a customized contact strategy targeting the individual personas at each prospect that made up the purchasing decision-makers and influencers. In short, right person, right message, right way, right time. 


At the end of our project, Clariant was equipped with a full list of prospects and a plan to nurture and convert them to customers. The client provided us with an excellent review: “The team at Saxum is GREAT. Very professional and knowledgeable.”