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The future of marketing communications is integration – blending traditional and emerging techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies. At Saxum, integration is reflected in everything we do. We have the ability to adapt seamlessly to any client in any industry, pursue any audience, scale to any project and any budget and achieve any objective.

We use bold methods.

We get bold results.

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We bring bold perspective.

  • 4 Habits to Share Smarter Content | Saxum

    Share Smarter Content: 4 Lifesaving Habits to Build…

    “I can’t produce content that consistently engages and doesn’t all sound the same!” cries your company’s appointed blogger, frustration steadily building. She’s not alone. Sixty-percent of business-to-business content marketers struggle to produce engaging content to promote their business. Another cite producing a variety of content as their top challenge. Don’t despair — there’s still hope (and a spread of tools to help.) Audiences crave a fresh, differentiated perspective that makes their life better in some way. No one becomes a thought-leader with a laser-focused audience overnight. Get off the ground by building smart habits to identify and frame valuable information…
    AUTHOR Matt Woods CATEGORY Digital, Tips and Tricks
  • OptOutside-feature-3

    REI flipped Black Friday expectations to win…

    As Black Friday lurches closer, big brands continue to push the 2015 holiday shopping season further up into Thanksgiving Day. But not every brand is following suit. Outdoor gear retailer REI recently launched its #OptOutside campaign to announce it will temporarily close its 143 stores and suspend all online orders this Black Friday. Wait — what? [embed][/embed] The move to skip the year’s biggest traditional sales opportunity seems counter-intuitive at first, like asking Kevin Durant to take a catnap during a tiebreaker game. Still, the shift makes sense when considered through the lens of their customers’ values. Let’s break down two…
    AUTHOR Matt Woods CATEGORY Consumer, Digital
  • Top Ten Energy States

    The Ten Most Influential Energy States in the U.S.

    Ranking the top 10 energy-producing states in the U.S. is easy. In fact, the Energy Information Administration provides annual rankings for raw production output and per capita expenditures. But if you’ve spent any time working in the energy sector you quickly realize that energy output, while important, is just one facet of our larger energy infrastructure, and if you want to determine a particular state’s influence relative to other states you must consider a host of other factors. These include the capacity to transform and transport energy, the cost of consuming it and the public policies in place that help…
    AUTHOR Will Hodges CATEGORY Energy, Industry Expertise
  • Healthcare Reputation Online

    Healing your Online Reputation

    Neophobia – the fear of anything new. Sometimes I wonder if health care practitioners able to diagnose neophobia also suffer from it when it comes to online brand engagement. The mantra of many is that they don’t need to worry about their online reputation because what they’ve been doing to attract new patients has always worked in the past. But these new communication tools – online review sites, social media, search engine optimization, paid search – aren’t going away. The companies embracing online avenues are pulling up and away from those that aren’t. And adopting now means you have the opportunity…
    AUTHOR Rachel Hinderman CATEGORY Health, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks
  • Volkswagon Reputation

    Volkswagen: Issues Management in the Age of Consumer…

    Update: A recent Ragan article provides perspective on the next steps and “hard remedies” required for Volkswagen to rebuilt consumer trust. We make purchasing decisions based on any number of factors. We may purchase a television because it has great sound quality, a piece of art we find aesthetically pleasing, a bottle of wine for the taste or a plane ticket for the price. It’s still a relatively new phenomenon, though, for our values and beliefs to play a role in our purchasing decisions. In the last half-century or so, our consumer culture has added a dimension. Call it corporate…
    AUTHOR Ashley Wilemon CATEGORY Industry Expertise, PR

We love bold brands.

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