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The future of marketing communications is integration – blending traditional and emerging techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies. At Saxum, integration is reflected in everything we do. We have the ability to adapt seamlessly to any client in any industry, pursue any audience, scale to any project and any budget and achieve any objective.

We use bold methods.

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    Does it Work?

    Earlier this week, a few Saxumites and I met with a prospective client to go over a campaign we were pitching to them. About halfway through the presentation, the prospective client said, “This is all great, but does it work”? It was a great question. At that moment in the presentation, we were talking specifically about the social engagement portion of the campaign. He went on to say that he doesn’t value “likes” or “impressions” like some other agencies have used as proof that their campaign ‘worked.’ No, he was looking for more than that. He values measuring whether collectively…
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    4 Marketing Tips for Every Entrepreneur

    As a third-generation entrepreneur, I’m inspired by the “do-ers.” The people who take an idea or dream and then make it a reality. From my grandparents’ café, to my grandmother’s bridal boutique, to my parents’ watch and jewelry store to the lawn and landscaping business I own with my husband – all entrepreneurial businesses require a strong sense of action. That strong sense of action makes up the cultural ethos of Saxum, which led Renzi Stone, CEO, to support me in the launch of a new division of Saxum called Lithos (“large stone” in Greek), a dedicated team that currently…
  • Survey Marketing_Survey Research

    When it Comes to Marketing… Measure Twice, Cut…

    The process of benchmarking, or measuring behaviors against a baseline, is recognized across many industries. Its value extends into marketing, where measuring target audience awareness, opinions, behaviors, etc. toward the goals of your marketing campaign before, during and after its execution can provide insights into campaign successes and areas for improvement. There are thousands of combinations of metrics that companies may prioritize and almost as many ways to measure them. Some of the most common include tracking through: surveys, advertising conversions, web traffic, social media engagement, sales growth and many more. No matter what you determine will best benchmark your…
    AUTHOR cmunns CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
  • Lithos Announcement

    Saxum announces new division focused on…

    Specialty group, Lithos, will provide integrated marketing communications services Saxum, an integrated marketing communications agency offering public relations, advertising and digital services, recently announced the launch of a new division named Lithos focused on supporting entrepreneurial clients in Oklahoma. From start-ups to corporations, the Lithos division provides integrated marketing communication services, including strategic planning, branding, media relations, social media management, website development and other creative services. The new division is named Lithos, the Greek word for “stone,” after the agency’s founder and CEO, C. Renzi Stone. “The market for entrepreneurs in Oklahoma is growing rapidly,” Stone said. “Lithos is a…
    AUTHOR cmunns CATEGORY Advertising, Digital, Lithos, PR
  • Thoughtful communications are critical during layoffs - Tall Buildings, High-Rise

    Thoughtful communications are critical during…

    Careful planning and thoughtful communication are critical when conducting layoffs. Communication should start with the basics of any good communication plan – prepare and share the message. The challenge lies in the delicate balance of legal requirements and emotional care. Communicating during a layoff includes these stages: Direct, honest messaging is imperative. The company will have messages it wants to communicate to stakeholders, but thought also should be given to what stakeholders want to hear and the answers to questions they’ll have. Anyone who is tasked with delivering the layoff message – whether to a large group of employees, a…
    AUTHOR Kristi Desjarlais CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, PR, Tips and Tricks

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