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Is Saxum an ad agency? A PR firm? A digital shop?

The future of marketing communications is integration – blending traditional and emerging techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies. At Saxum, integration is reflected in everything we do. We have the ability to adapt seamlessly to any client in any industry, pursue any audience, scale to any project and any budget and achieve any objective.

We use bold methods.

We get bold results.

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We bring bold perspective.

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    How to translate consumer trends into B2B marketing

    I remember about ten years ago helping set up a Second Life presence for a brand. Remember Second Life? It was a virtual world that was like a video game, but without the “game” part. My client loved to use the latest and greatest trendy technology in the brand’s marketing efforts. A decade later, I’m pretty sure that brand’s Second Life presence is gathering virtual dust as simulated tumbleweeds roll by. But how do you know? For every Second Life, there’s a Facebook. For every Twitter party and Friendster, there are hashtags and Pinterest. There’s a fine line between making…
  • Guerilla Marketing - Audiences Crave Brand Authenticity by Amy Blackburn (Blog Graphic)

    Audiences Crave Brand Authenticity

    There is no shortage of information related to being  successful in business – countless webinars, YouTube videos, and social media experts claiming that their method will help your brand succeed. You’ve undoubtedly heard them: Work smarter, not harder. Create systems. Delegate, delegate, delegate. While each of these certainly has merit, and could easily help your brand be successful, what it all comes down to is authenticity. Other businesses may sell what you sell, or have a similar business model, but even if there are thousands of companies that on the surface appear to be “just like you”, your business has…
    AUTHOR cmunns CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing
  • Social-Media-Day-Graphic_Blog-Header

    Social Media Day 2016

    Marketing has always been an ever-evolving industry that changes day-to-day, but the introduction of social media began a new era that completely redefined the way people market both themselves and their businesses. At Saxum, our digital team brainstorms, crafts and executes marketing campaigns on a multitude of social platforms. They’ll be the first to tell you that every platform has its quirks, drawbacks and selling points, and that there’s no “right” answer when deciding what to try. Where one platform doesn’t make sense for a business, another one will. I always tell people, “You can never fully plan for when…
  • preview-full-142_SXM_DirectSalesBlog_v1

    Selling Your Brand Online

    We’ve seen it all across our social media feeds. Whether it’s your mom, your neighbor, your long-lost friend from high school or even yourself, direct sales companies are becoming part of our daily lives. The opportunity to be part of an at-home business is now easier than ever thanks to technology and companies such as Stella & Dot, Rodan and Fields, and Young Living are only a few examples of brands who have successfully updated their business models to match the way we connect online. Many of us remember direct sales starting as an at-home, party planning business where friends…
    AUTHOR cmunns CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
  • preview-full-142_SXM_Father's Day-01

    Laying the Foundation of Fatherhood

    Looking forward to my second Father’s Day, I can’t help but think of all the amazing experiences fatherhood has brought in such a short amount of time. People say it goes by so fast, and it might looking back 20 years later. But, for now, I feel that I can remember each and every day so vividly – the giggles of laughter while spinning in circles, the adorable shakes and wiggles she calls dancing and late nights when she falls asleep in my arms. So good. This connection I have with my daughter was only made stronger by the opportunity…
    AUTHOR cmunns CATEGORY Marketing, Team

We love bold brands.

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