Is Saxum an ad agency? A PR firm? A digital shop?

The future of marketing communications is integration – blending traditional and emerging techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies. At Saxum, integration is reflected in everything we do. We have the ability to adapt seamlessly to any client in any industry, pursue any audience, scale to any project and any budget and achieve any objective.

We use bold methods.

We get bold results.

Print, Digital, Advertising, Media Relations
Oklahoma City Ballet
Rebrand, Website, Print
Shawnee Milling Company
Website, Social Media
George Kaiser Family Foundation
"A Gathering Place for Tulsa"
Hill & Company
Media Relations, Advertising
University of Oklahoma HSC
Strategy, Creative
YWCA Thumbnail
Campaign: Domestic Violence

We bring bold perspective.

  • ROE_Graphic_Web_LG

    Determining Marketing Success Means Measuring…

    If you’ve ever been in any sort of marketing meeting, chances are you’ve heard the phrase Return on Investment (ROI). While the term is easy to throw around, actually measuring marketing ROI can be quite difficult and even perhaps misleading. At Saxum, we measure Return on Engagement (ROE) instead of ROI. Return on Engagement (ROE) measures the exchange between brands and stakeholders within the market, allowing us to make calculated and informed decisions, moving quickly to fine-tune tactics so campaigns are efficient and effective. The traditional ROI model measures results such as impressions generated through advertising, number of media articles…
    AUTHOR Lindsay Vidrine CATEGORY Advertising, Digital, Industry Expertise, PR
  • Career Multitasking - Client Service Blog

    Tell me again what you do?

    When meeting someone new, a common question is, “What do you do?” For agency client service professionals, the answer is much more than “I work in client service.” The short version is that those working in client service serve as a liaison between the client and the agency. But the longer version reveals that client service pros wear many hats – strategic lead, project supervisor, financial manager – and in some instances sounding board, cat herder and hugger. The main priority for client service professionals at Saxum is strategic oversight. We work with clients and other teams to research, define,…
    AUTHOR Amy Blackburn CATEGORY Advertising, Industry Expertise, Team
  • api-blg-ftr

    Bringing Big Data to Life

    Big Data has emerged as the currency of the 21st Century, and in the process has become synonymous with our daily lives. Recent studies have estimated more than 5 billion people are calling, texting, tweeting and browsing on mobile phones worldwide.  With this proliferation of connectedness, data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. This is good news for organizations and individuals alike, enabling companies to make better-informed business decisions and allowing consumers to get the most value from products and services. But the data itself represents only a portion of Big Data’s true…
    AUTHOR Will Hodges CATEGORY Energy, Industry Expertise
  • creativity

    Creativity Vitamins

    If producing ideas is a component of your job, at some point you’ll probably find yourself feeling a little rundown in the creative department. Maybe you’ve been leaning on your colleagues more than usual during brainstorm sessions. Maybe you’ve been delaying the start of a white paper or opinion piece. Or perhaps a big deadline is looming that hinges on a killer idea that you’re expected to deliver. How do you unlock your creative block? Here are a half-dozen recommendations – let’s call them “idea-mins” – to try. These supplements are regularly used by a diverse group of recently surveyed…
    AUTHOR Teresa Henderson CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Team, Tips and Tricks
  • unsendemail

    When Hitting Send Isn’t the End: Google Unveils…

    There’s a proverb that proclaims, “The fastest horse cannot catch a misplaced word.” And while this may hold truer than many of us would like to admit in our face-to-face, phone and text message conversations, it appears that when it comes to email, technology has outrun horses once again – Google can, in fact, catch your misplaced email. *** You never know when it might strike – when it might happen to you. Somehow, it was only recently that I first made the blunder myself. That’s right – I sent an email to the wrong person. Hitting “send” was a…
    AUTHOR Kate Cunningham CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, News, Team

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Saxum is always coming up with unique ways to tell our story, and I know they are going to get the job done. Katie Frey, Communications Manager
US Cellular

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