Is Saxum an ad agency? A PR firm? A digital shop?

The future of marketing communications is integration – blending traditional and emerging techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies. At Saxum, integration is reflected in everything we do. We have the ability to adapt seamlessly to any client in any industry, pursue any audience, scale to any project and any budget and achieve any objective.

We use bold methods.

We get bold results.

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Oklahoma City Ballet
Rebrand, Website, Print
Shawnee Milling Company
Website, Social Media
George Kaiser Family Foundation
"A Gathering Place for Tulsa"
Hill & Company
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University of Oklahoma HSC
Strategy, Creative
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Campaign: Domestic Violence

We bring bold perspective.

  • energycomm

    Successful M&A Requires Effective…

    An energy client of ours recently made an acquisition. As we developed the plan, messaging and tools to announce the deal, I was reminded of the critical importance of communications during these events. As should occur, significant attention is given during any such transaction to ensure that the business aspects of the deal are right. For all the same reasons, great focus must be placed on communicating with all stakeholders. They need to hear the details of the transaction, the rationale behind it, and the impact on them. Overlooking or downplaying this important piece of the equation can lead to…
    AUTHOR Kristi DesJarlais CATEGORY Digital, Energy, Industry Expertise, PR
  • healthcare

    Why Brands Matter in the Changing World of Health…

    With so many changes occurring in today’s health care industry, now is the time to think about the importance of your brand. If you work within the industry, ask yourself – What does my brand stand for? Does my brand resonate with consumers? Do people respect my brand? Am I doing enough to market my brand? It’s questions like these that smart brand managers ask themselves everyday. Strong branding is as vital in healthcare as it is in any other industry. The key is trust. When it comes to making health care decisions, the brand-customer relationship is exceptionally personal; sooner…
    AUTHOR Dan Martel CATEGORY Health
  • Google3

    Three Simple Rules to Guide Your Website

    When you Google “why it’s important to have,” the suggested search copy lists: 1) “friends” and 2) “a website.” Google tells us what we already know: it’s important to have friends and it’s important to have a website. Furthermore, organizations make friends by inviting them to visit online. While some organizations and many small businesses still manage to do business without one, research informs us that a website is, in fact, a critical component of professional success. Websites allow visitors to get to know you and can serve as an open house. Once the website is built, the work is…
    AUTHOR Charity Jernigan CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks
  • videoblog

    Try Telling Your Story with Video

    Video is versatile, flexible, vibrant and attention-grabbing. It’s cost-effective and it gets results. Does your marketing communications mix draw your audiences in by utilizing the power of video? Enjoy these clips from from Saxum’s archive of award-winning video campaigns. See how video draws you – the viewer – in, keeps your attention and tells a compelling story. By Grant Zellner, Senior Copywriter and Creative Strategist, & Zane Rader, Videographer
    AUTHOR Grant Zellner, Zane Rader CATEGORY Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks
  • healthyblog

    Employee Health Starts with Employers

    From wearable fitness trackers to smartphone apps, people are paying more attention to the benefits of wellness and craving resources to live a healthier lifestyle. A recent study by HealthMine revealed 75 percent of employees surveyed said their employer or health plan sponsor should offer a program to help them improve and manage their health. While there is no shortage of health information for employers to share, the following tips provide a strategic approach for a more effective delivery: Provide actionable resources, not information overload. Employees want their employer to play a larger role in providing preventative health information, with…
    AUTHOR Lindsay Vidrine CATEGORY Consumer, Health, Industry Expertise

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Saxum is always coming up with unique ways to tell our story, and I know they are going to get the job done. Katie Frey, Communications Manager
US Cellular

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