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Changing State Policy to Better the Community

A coalition of Oklahoma community leaders and experts, Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, aimed to pass two State Questions that would reduce the state’s prison population, save money and make communities safer by helping return people who have committed low-level offenses to productive citizens.

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What We Did

Saxum provided media relations, social media, public relations and community engagement support. Using our local insight and expertise as well as our relationships with local media, we employed a media relations strategy to inform Oklahomans on the importance and urgency of criminal justice reform in the state. We worked closely with a team of other national agencies, high-profile community leaders and supporters to ultimately reach our goal of getting state questions 780 and 781 on the ballot, as well as successful passage of both state questions in November 2016.


700 Million

Media Relations

Generated approximately 700 million impressions through hundreds of positive media placements in just eight months.

Engaging a State


Maintained website and social media channels and provided live social media coverage of more than 10 community events across the state.

Key Insights

Strategic Partnership Development

Coordinated with key influencers on statements and media interviews at key milestones throughout the campaign.

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