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Why Energy?

We believe that energy will continue to be a divisive issue for many years to come. Every aspect of our lives is powered by energy; from the obvious like our homes and transportation, to the more abstract like the manufacturing of smartphones, clothing, food and healthcare items. Energy underpins modern life, and we consume it 24 hours a day.

Our Energy Worldview

Saxum’s energy practice group supports the marketing communications, public relations and public affairs needs of energy companies throughout the entire supply chain, as well as companies that service the industry.

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Service & Manufacturing
Power Generation
Lobbying & Associations

Employee Conduct (from Employee Handbook)

The reputation and success of Saxum requires continued adherence to high ethical standards. As members of the PR Council, we are committed to acting with the highest level of professionalism and ethical conduct, adhering strictly to the council’s Code of Ethics. As an employee of Saxum, you must act in a manner that will serve the best interests of the company and its clients, that will preserve confidential information, and that will avoid conflicts of interest.

Saxum expects that all employees conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. An employee should not conduct business that is unethical in any way, nor should an employee influence another employee to act unethically. Furthermore, an employee should report any dishonest activities or damaging conduct to an appropriate supervisor.

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY (from Employee Handbook)

Saxum’s Goals for Social Media:

  • To build a large base of connections
  • To learn
  • To contribute
  • To enhance relationships
  • To establish our brand, promote our culture and earn the trust of the public

Saxum-based social media:

Saxum will utilize its social media sites for distribution of messages relevant to the public and existing and potential clients. Client-related news, events and issues will not be delivered on Saxum social media sites, except with full disclosures and with client approval or in the case of a publicly announced partnership, such as Step Up.


Saxum employees are encouraged to re-post news and information about Saxum and about our clients at their personal discretion. This ensures authenticity of social media interaction and allows for personal freedoms to be exercised. When appropriate, please disclose if there is a relationship with a client.

Client-based social media:

Client-based news and information, including social media news releases, should be distributed through the client’s own social media sites, whether executed by the client’s employees or by Saxum. Social media, once set up, is a tool that all clients should ultimately own. This ensures that the client’s messages are being delivered to the appropriate audience, which through engaging in social media, has opted-in to receive information about that client.

Social Tools:

The channels, like blogs, wikis, podcasts, video, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others will change. There are many social media tools that are changing how we work and how we spend our free time. As we participate in social media as a company, on behalf of our clients and as individuals, it is important that we protect the Saxum brand and follow guidelines for appropriate use.

General Guidelines:

  • Authorized spokespersons – Saxum participates in social media communities through authorized company channels. Only employees designated by Saxum have the authority to post on behalf of the company using company accounts.
  • Inappropriate for certain business conversations – Social media provides many avenues for dialog, but many are inappropriate for business conversations with a customer, partner or supplier. Use written, email, telephone and face-to-face options for most business transactions. In addition, it is inappropriate to conduct personal conversations through a company account.
  • Respect co-workers, clients, peers and competitors – Do not make disparaging comments in public forums. Please keep the Saxum DEI philosophy in mind.
  • Be transparent – Do not present yourself as anyone other than yourself.
  • Speak for yourself – Do not represent Saxum or a client without express permission. When engaging in social media as an individual, be careful that your views will not be interpreted as the views of our company. Remember, your personal brand is connected to our corporate brand. Do not embarrass yourself by publishing inappropriate content that may harm yours or our brand.
  • Be aware of legal liabilities – There have been cases where parties have pursued legal action against individuals for postings considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous. Be careful of colorful language, use of copyrighted materials, unsupported assertions, and derogatory remarks or characterizations.
    There can be a fine line between healthy debate and incendiary reaction. Do not denigrate our competitors or people within our organization. Nor do you need to respond to every criticism or barb.
  • Copyright – Follow all copyright and fair use laws.
  • Be a leader – This means publishing interesting thoughts, opinions or links to other thought-provoking materials. It should be fresh, positive and build a sense of community. If it helps people improve knowledge or skills, build their businesses, do their jobs, solve problems or understand our organization better, then it is adding value.
  • Correct any errors – If you discover you have posted something in error, make corrections promptly and disclose to your direct supervisor or the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Use good judgment – What you publish individually is ultimately your responsibility. Once an item is posted, it is usually impossible to completely retract it. Do not post anything that makes you uncomfortable. Participation in social media on behalf of the organization is not a right, but an opportunity. Please treat this opportunity seriously and with respect.
  • Privacy – Social media sites offer different levels of privacy, most of which are customizable. We respect the privacy of our team members and would like for them to set the privacy settings for their personal social media sites to the levels they wish.
  • References – Supervisors and company leaders should not post online references that could in any way be misconstrued as official company recommendations.
  • Watch your time – Do not allow social media to detract from your productivity at work. That said, the company encourages employees to use social media as a tool and to explore potential opportunities to add value for clients through this means of communication.

Current & Past Clients


  • Branding
  • Change Management
  • Communication & Marketing Audits
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Communication
  • Design & Creative Services
  • Expert Positioning
  • Internal Communications
  • Investor Messaging & Presentations
  • Media Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media & Web
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Counsel
  • Trade Shows
  • Training
  • Video

The story of energy in America is a great one — one that deserves to be told clearly and passionately to a range of audiences both domestic and abroad. Saxum’s goal for U.S. of Energy is to make that story, with all of its complexities, relevant and easier to understand.

The United States of Energy 2.0 Energy Utilization Rankings logo

What is U.S. of Energy?

The website allows users to easily explore, compare and contrast in-depth energy data.
Detailed maps and charts paint a picture of America’s energy landscape in a tangible format.
Data can be provided for speaking engagements and educational purposes.


Interstate Natural Gas Association of America

Elevating the Voice of an Industry


Identifying, Educating and Mobilizing Advocates

Twin Eagle

Unifying the Brand After Acquisitions

View Case Study
American Petroleum Institute

Simplifying the Complex with Data Visualization

View Case Study

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