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Let’s Develop Stronger Communities

When we’re intentional about the places we live, we can lift people out of poverty, promote inclusivity, and develop healthier communities.

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Placemaking 101

  • In a survey conducted by the American Planning Association, 68% of respondents believe the best path to economic growth is investing in making their community a desirable place to live.
  • Placemaking helps residents feel connected to their community, which in turn helps communities grow.
  • Placemaking is critical to attracting top talent. Two-thirds of recent college graduates first choose a community to live in before searching for jobs.

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How We Create Inclusive Communities

Case Study

Making a World-Renowned Park Possible

Learn how we built a strong brand identity, engaged a diverse group of community stakeholders, and drummed up excitement for the Gathering Place.

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Our Partners

Here are a few of the organizations that have trusted us to create meaningful change.

The Comprehensive Guide to Placemaking

Explore a decade-long story of successful placemaking.

  • Navigate the community and regulatory challenges that placemaking presents. 
  • Learn how to launch your effort with stakeholder buy-in and media attention. 
  • Get a clear and comprehensive playbook for successful placemaking. 
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Our People Make it Possible

Our people are the power behind placemaking. They have decades of experience, compelling connections, and a knack for creating meaningful change. Most importantly, they love this work.

Houda Elyazgi

Chief Client Officer

Jess Robbins

Vice President, Innovation