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Criminal Justice Reform is
Good for All

Criminal justice reform is an economic and moral issue that impacts every corner of our country. Let’s create a fair, equitable, and responsible criminal justice system.

Graph showing how the United State's incarcerated population has increased by 700%

The State of Our Incarceration System

  • The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Nearly a quarter of the world’s prison population is in the United States.
  • Our prison system costs taxpayers $80 billion per year, while the discretionary budget for the Department of Education is only $68 million.
  • The incarceration crisis is a racial justice issue. Black women are incarcerated at around double the rate of white women.

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How We Reform our
Criminal Justice System

Case Study

Reforming the Root: Passing State Questions 780 & 781

Learn how we created a more equitable justice system through State Questions 780 & 781.

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Our people make it possible

Our people are the power behind criminal justice reform. They have decades of experience, compelling connections, and a knack for creating meaningful change. Most importantly, they love this work.

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