Podcast: Talent Sales & Scale with Jeff Risley

Are you looking beyond your stakeholder return?

Chief Growth Officer Jeff Risley spoke with Bryan Whittington, host of the Talent Sales & Scale Podcast about conscious capitalism MarTech and revenue marketing.

In this interview, Jeff discusses how to leverage your MarTech stack and sales leadership through the philosophy of conscious capitalism. Conscious capitalism focuses on the state of our world today and incorporating purpose-driven values and ESG criteria into your business strategy, rather than solely focusing on stakeholder return. Jeff explains how those that are in the business to make the world a better place are looking for long-term change, not just the next quarter’s results. He also stresses the importance of aligning values and mindsets to prospective clients. When both parties are equally passionate about a project, it can lead to a greater impact beyond stakeholder return and the bottom line.

Jeff also illustrates the idea of whitecoat sales. This is the idea that the sales team is there to listen to the problems, diagnose the larger issue and then prescribe the right solution. However, the sales team does not work alone. Marketing and sales are integrated and no longer siloed—what we call Saxum Revenue Marketing℠. This allows us to build a reliable, provable system to look past stakeholder return and create meaningful change.

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