Podcast: Influential Entrepreneurs with Jeff Risley

Chief Growth Officer Jeff Risley sat down with Influential Entrepreneurs podcast host Mike Saunders to discuss everything from Saxum’s obsessed for good business philosophy to all things Saxum Revenue Marketing℠.

In the episode, Jeff explains how as an agency, we are unapologetically committed to a better world. We don’t just say we’re obsessed for good, we put those words into action. Saxum is a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative that supports companies in responsible business and strategic actions to achieve broader societal goals. We also have multiple internal initiatives that show exactly how we live out our mantra, including our Leadership Program that prioritizes professional development, our DEI Program centered around inclusivity, and our Cause Program, Step Up, which provides pro bono services for clients whose missions align with ours.

Jeff dives in even deeper with Mike on how Saxum is a valuable partner that helps businesses make meaningful change through smart and efficient investments in marketing strategies and new technologies via our Revenue Marketing solution. We work with businesses to scale their revenue generation and understand how exactly their marketing efforts are impacting sales so they know where to double down.

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