Podcast: B2B Revenue Executive Experience with Jeff Risley

“We’re here to do more than just make money, and we want to help our clients do more than just make money.”

Chief Growth Officer Jeff Risley recently spoke with Carlos Nouche and Lisa Schnare, co-hosts of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast, about revenue marketing, creating an impact and more.

In this interview, Jeff takes a deep dive into our Revenue Marketing℠ solution. He explains revenue marketing is a great solution for clients that want to build “sustainable, predictable, provable revenue generation.” One of the first steps to do this is by connecting sales with marketing. As Jeff illustrates, organizations often don’t know what parts of their marketing are actually making a difference. Because organizations don’t know where to double down, there’s no way to generate consistent growth. This is where Saxum Revenue Marketing℠ steps in, which allows us to build a reliable, provable system to look past stakeholder return and create meaningful change.

Looking past stakeholder return is key as customer demands have dramatically changed. Jeff explains that most buyers today are looking for relevance, authenticity and purpose from their favorite brands, especially Gen Z consumers. Brands need to start thinking about all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Jeff also talks about how consumers have set the bar high for brands, especially when it comes to impact. Consumers today are looking for brands to take a stand for something purposeful.

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