Living Boldly—Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

When you hear the phrase “company culture” – what comes to mind?


  • Flexible schedule
  • Innovative and collaborative work environment
  • Benefits, benefits, benefits
  • Team focused, values driven
  • Goals, vision, mission

We’ve seen these definitions before, and I’m not saying any of them aren’t great examples (lord knows I love the flexibility of working fully remote) – however, have you ever experienced a company culture that’s defined by driving a sense of discovery? Because I hadn’t—until I came to Saxum.

The culture here is different, and while “discovery” may not be plastered across the website, marketing materials, or in work proposals, it’s intricately woven into every aspect of every interaction. Saxum is curious, a deep thinker, an avid explorer. And it’s this underlying culture of discovery that gives the employees a chance to breathe, whether that be a frustrated exhale, bouts of laughter or even a sigh of relief. And that’s where my story goes today.

Nearly 10 months ago, I had my first day here at the agency. Wide eyed, with high levels of excitement. I was (and still am) pumped! Naturally, the first few weeks were full of orientation and onboarding, and I couldn’t help but notice a theme in every conversation I had. The common thread in every interaction was discovery—intentional discovery about me and how I fit into this larger Saxum culture. My new coworkers wanted to genuinely understand who I was, what I cared about, WHY I do the work that I do. We dove into the team’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work within the first few weeks, addressing how it wasn’t a “one-size fits all” DEI approach. We had an honest conversation about where the team felt Saxum’s DEI strengths lie, where as an agency we aimed to go, and how our team members actively drive authentic DEI discovery. Talk about refreshing, and reassuring to me as a new employee that this is a culture that cares.

Ok, John. But why does that matter? (I thought you may ask)

March of this year, I came out as Bisexual. I told my family and close friends first, but the next group of individuals I couldn’t wait to tell? Saxum. Why? Because this agency, this team, this family has prioritized genuine, intentional and authentic connection, and as a result created a space for me to safely discover and process underlying emotions that quite truthfully I didn’t even know were there. You hear this a lot at Saxum: “Bring your whole self to work.” Because while the work is incredibly important, Saxum invests in its people and its culture. Our agency’s tagline is “obsessed for good” and I think there’s truly nothing greater. The team here is obsessed for good. Let that sink in. Obsessed for the good of our clients, the good quality of the work we create, but also, and arguably most importantly, the good of its own people. I know my team members here are my ultimate cheerleaders, biggest fans, and without a doubt, have my back. We both challenge and champion one another, we enjoy good company, and share honest experiences. We discover life—together, and authentically.

Pride Month to me, as a newly proud member of the LGBTQ+ community is all about discovery and unity. And for me, I’m so proud to be a part of a team that has done nothing but support just that: my self discovery, my personal development and well being, and my continued growth as an individual—all with the unified support of one Saxum family.

Now that’s company culture.