Introducing Rakas – An Obsessed for Good Company

If there’s anything the past few years has taught us, it’s that change is constant, and with change comes the opportunity for innovation and adaptability. Saxum is no exception to this reality, and we’ve come to embrace some exciting change of our own.

I recently restructured our business underneath a new parent organization — O4G Group. O4G focuses on serving high potential marketing and communications agencies providing investment, operational excellence, accounting services and business consulting in service of their growth. This model will help me further build my business and create best-in-class, focused agencies whose teams do purposeful work, deliver exceptional value to clients and grow revenue and profit over time.

Agencies? Plural? Yes. Saxum isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to serve a diverse portfolio of clients focused on integrated marketing services. Leveraging our existing B2B expertise, I’ve also formed a new agency, Rakas, focused on brand strategy, B2B marketing and sales strategy.

Rakas will be focused on marketing and innovation for the next generation of B2B brands, specifically focusing on servicing the rapidly emerging Cleantech industry. The agency will leverage custom teams of top-of-the-line talent and unique solutions to drive the topline of the clients they serve.

B2B companies that have inconsistent revenue growth are typically mis-aligned with their buyers in one or more of three areas:

  • Their brand strategy
  • Their marketing strategy
  • Their sales strategy

Rakas solves for these challenges by providing tailored, integrated solutions — Strategic Advantage, Brand Advantage, Marketing Advantage and Sales Advantage.

The world is quickly changing for all of us. Creating value is our goal. I’m confident these changes will do nothing but improve the quality and delivery of work for all of our current and future clients as well as our partners.

For more information about Rakas and its services, contact Rakas Managing Partner Jeff Risley.

If you’re interested in connecting with Saxum, contact Managing Partner Jennifer Monies. If you’re an agency looking for new opportunities for your business, contact Amy Pyles.

About the author

Renzi Stone is the Owner and Executive Chairman of Saxum, a digital agency obsessed for good. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for insights into digital innovation, change management, and leadership.