Virtual Reality – It’s BIG!

Think back to your high school history class – You may recall one of the things you studied was the Industrial Revolution. This was the period in our history that saw the transition to new manufacturing processes that changed the landscape of how the American workforce conducted their jobs. Breakthrough. Mind-blowing. This simply changed lives forever.

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Since that revolutionary time, we’ve seen landmark inventions including the telephone, automobile, airplane and so many other things that forced us to never look back.

Let’s jump ahead to the late 1950s. Something was going on that would eventually transform our lives again. It was called the Digital Revolution – a period from the late ’50s through the late ’70s that saw the adoption of digital computers and record keeping. Who would have thought that just a few short years later, we’d be living in what would be known as the “Information Age?” It’s a time that gave birth to the home computer, the cell phone and of course the internet.

We now ask ourselves, “What’s next?”  We’ve become accustomed to a game changer every year, so what is the “Next Big Thing?” The answer is virtual reality – better known as VR. Many are predicting that VR and AR (augmented reality) will become an industry within themselves in the next year.

By the year 2025, VR revenues are expected to reach $182 billion with VR hardware surpassing TV. We realize VR is in its infancy as the actual business models are being built. So, what we can experience now are games you can interact with as well as VR experiences that will put viewers into an entirely different world. And it could literally be any world.

Companies large and small are beginning to come up with clever ways to excite their audiences by developing VR platforms that will put their clients in an environment they’ve never experienced before. If the age old question is “How do I attract the attention of my audience, give them a new experience and keep them coming back for more?” The answer is virtual reality. It’s moving beyond fun and games and toward a legitimate form of conducting business for many companies.

One construction company in Oklahoma recently created a VR experience to showcase a new building under construction. The audience got to wear an Oculus and were immediately transported to what this new space was going to look like, experiencing it before it was even built.

Think about how many other companies in various industries are planning ways to give their customers new experiences through VR. It’s happening now, and VR will soon become as integral to our lives as our smartphones are today. The Digital Revolution charges on and just as reality TV changed the television industry, VR will change the way we are entertained, the way we communicate and, yes, even the way we live.

VR – It’s big.

This post was written by Dan Martel, SVP, Chief Creative Officer

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