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We’ve seen it all across our social media feeds. Whether it’s your mom, your neighbor, your long-lost friend from high school or even yourself, direct sales companies are becoming part of our daily lives.

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The opportunity to be part of an at-home business is now easier than ever thanks to technology and companies such as Stella & Dot, Rodan and Fields, and Young Living are only a few examples of brands who have successfully updated their business models to match the way we connect online.

Many of us remember direct sales starting as an at-home, party planning business where friends were invited to come and check out what products the company has to offer by watching a demonstration. If someone at the party wanted to make money by telling others about these fantastic products just like you are, they would sign up as a representative and host a party with their own network of friends and the cycle would continue. The direct selling method is a way of going beyond the shelf and reaching into your home.

In this social media era, looking for your favorite products online has become a natural instinct. We utilize our friends on social media to see what is becoming increasingly popular and to share the latest and greatest products we’ve come to love. In the direct sales industry, utilizing social media is a way to showcase passion for a product. Whether it is on a personal Facebook page or an Instagram account dedicated to a representative of a direct selling company, employees can promote their brand with a friendly face while telling real success stories. The more your brand is promoted on social media, the more sales are generated and the more friends are sharing the great news of your company.

Here are a few key takeaways from online direct sales that are applicable for any organization looking to increase their audience engagement and create a strong social media presence:

Promoting content

Promoting content on social media using paid promotion increases the likelihood that someone sees your post and increases the amount of times the post is seen by an individual. Paid promotion is putting dollars behind your posts in order to boost it to the target audience you are aiming for. This feature not only provides the brand with quality views but it can also ensure your target audience is being reached.

Know your target audience

Speaking of target audience, a brand needs to know who the audience is and why they are the target audience. Are your primary targets males between 30-40 or moms who reside in the Southwest? Knowing your audience is a key feature in promoting a social media page.

Visually engaging content

Adding visuals increases engagement with your brand as it more likely to be seen by the user with an eye-catching image. The images associated with a post are a representation of the brand and its identity.

Find an appropriate posting frequency

Finding the right ratio between 15 posts a day and one post a month can sometimes be difficult. The sweet spot is dependent on how often your audience is online, the best interaction days and what time your target audience jumps on the computer.

This post was written by Lacey Boone, Account Coordinator

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