Meet Ivan Caro

For Ivan Caro, creativity is innate.

Even as a young kid in his small, behind-the-times hometown in Mexico, Ivan knew what he wanted to do with his life. Though he didn’t yet know the word to describe it, as he painted and drew and studied commercials and cereal box designs, Ivan realized he was meant to be a designer.

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At eight years old, Ivan and his family moved to Oklahoma City, and it’s the experiences here that have shaped who he is today. Ivan’s artistic abilities truly began developing in grade school and high school. He won multiple art competitions, and as his talent and creativity flourished, so did his passion for expressing it. In high school, his graphic design teacher gave him the freedom to explore various design applications and even create his own assignments. This freedom led Ivan to discover what his career would one day be.

He began pursuing his newfound passion for graphic design at Oklahoma City Community College, where he got a deep dive into a variety of software programs. He later refined his skills and knowledge at the University of Central Oklahoma – a place that challenged him to think conceptually and constantly pushed him to explore new ideas and concepts. As he cultivated these skills, Ivan sought ways to incorporate his passion for illustration, fashion and photography into each project.

Now a full-time designer at Saxum, Ivan still pursues only the most creative ideas he can think up. Outside of work, he continues chasing creativity, collaborating with Blackout Co., a group of creative individuals who concept and execute fashion photography projects.

“There are no rules, no boundaries for creativity. That’s the fun part.”

On Purpose

Passionate about creating purposeful design that affects the greater good, it’s no wonder Ivan is a part of our Social Good & Issues team. He wants to make an impact, and with each and every project he touches, you can see the care and detail he takes to do just that.

On Inspiration

In Ivan’s words, inspiration is universal. When he sees something creative, it drives him to create, too. The fashion industry is often his source of inspiration. Think designers like Alexander McQueen and Iris van Herpen. But, more so than the designers themselves, it’s their design thinking and their level of detail that he is drawn toward. When Ivan looks at their work, he sees beauty. And not just beauty for the sake of beauty, but beauty and work that has a purpose. It evokes an emotion or a reaction. And that’s inspiring.

On Creativity

To Ivan, creativity means limitless expression. It’s not just ideas. Yes, it starts with that. But it’s so much more. The ideas, the concepts and the crazy thoughts all coming to life and effectively fulfilling their purpose – that’s the rewarding part.

His (sometimes daily) rotation of creative passions – illustration, hand-lettering, photography and fashion design – are what keep him fresh and innovative. Ultimately, these talents he claims as hobbies inspire the work he does at Saxum each day and help him achieve his goal to impact others through his creative abilities.

Illustration is his outlet to create something that is completely imaginary. Whether it’s character design or fashion illustration, it’s about the aesthetic and the story behind each creation. With a background in fine arts and a career in design and illustration, Ivan seeks to combine the best of the three into his work.

Ivan admits to being on the hand-lettering bandwagon. It’s free form, designed writing that gives him yet another opportunity to express himself visually and incorporate into his work.

While he has experience with a variety of photography types – event, commercial, people – Ivan’s passion lies in fashion photography. Beyond that even, he’s inspired by storytelling through fashion photography. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and it’s just that he aspires to accomplish, expressing his creativity by concepting nontraditional, daring and emotion-evoking pieces that tell a story.

It was Ivan’s mom who influenced his affinity for fashion and costume design. She loved creating clothes and would even take things apart – including her grandmother’s clothes – to figure out how they were made. To this day, Ivan’s mom gives him design tips because, much like her, Ivan makes his ideas and sketches come to life by starting with a little reverse engineering. He finds fulfillment in both the problem-solving process and seeing the designs achieve their purpose.

Overall, Ivan can find inspiration for creativity in just about anything. That’s why he says it’s universal. And as his passions and experiences continue to shape who he is, he’ll keep working to give back through his unique talents.

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