Meet Erick Worrell

Erick Worrell’s worn almost every hat possible during the eight years he’s worked in the public relations and advertising industry. Most recently, he joined Saxum as senior director of business development. We sat down with Erick to get his take on work, life and a passion of his: giving back.

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On Life

Q: What’s on your summer reading list?

A: I’m a music nerd. I’m a lifelong musician, and I am a huge Beatles fan. So, right now I’m reading a book called, “Dreaming the Beatles.” And then I have a Prince biography I’m about to start.

Q: If you were stranded on an island with only three movies, what would they be?

A: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Rocky” and “Eternal Sunshine in the Spotless Mind.”

Q: What spurs your creativity?

A: For me, music, specifically drums, is my source of creativity. I play R&B, funk and soul music, like James Brown, Bruno Mars and Prince. I’ve played the drums since I was 3, the piano since I was 14 and, most recently, I started learning to play the ukulele.

Q: What’s something your friends would say about you?

A: I don’t talk unless I’m passionate. I don’t feel like it does any good to just go through the motions. Give me the opportunity to speak in front of a group of people, lead a team, teach a class or perform on stage, and I’m in my natural element.

Q: How has music shaped who you are?

A: The path of how I ended up in this industry is really linear to me playing the drums. I wanted to be a performer and own a record label, then I wanted to play music for commercials, then I realized I wanted to write the commercials, and that’s how I got into advertising.

On Work

Q: What was your first impression after starting at Saxum?

A: There’s a lot more culture than I thought, and there are a lot of awesome people working here. This place already has it together. I’ve never worked at a company that’s had their act together like this. I think the structure keeps people working together really well.

Q: What do you hope our clients walk away with after working with us?

A: The people that they work with and the perspective and diversity they bring makes it something clients can actually enjoy. Most people hate working with agencies. I think a place like Saxum, which has really great work and really great strategy, means clients can walk away with a great product that also has a plan and people who are really invested in it.

Q: Where do you hope to see the future of Saxum go?

A: My goal is to broaden the perception of what Saxum is. We want to make sure people understand we are a fully integrated communications agency. We are a premiere creative service team. We do outstanding video production and incredible web development. Our digital and social product is so good.

On Giving Back

Q: What inspires you?

A: Helping people. Former President Obama has said it numerous times, and I always took attention to it, “If you have the opportunity to take the elevator up, be sure to send it back down.” I spend a lot of time networking and helping people build their network, overcome their fears, interviewing, finding confidence and reaching out to people.

Q: Why do you think helping those who come after you is important?

A: I did not have a network coming out of college, so it was really tough for me to get a job starting out here in the industry. As soon as I got a job, I thought, how can I make this better for people who are coming after me? The moment you get a job, you owe it to the person coming after you to build your network and help them build theirs.

Q: Since you said you thrive on giving back to those younger than you, what would be your advice to the next generation of marketers?

A: Network as much as you can where you want to get a job. Network even when you don’t need a job. Don’t just reach out to someone when you need them. Reach out to them even before that. So many people I’ve hired came from people who took that advice. It really does go a long way.

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