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What Spurs Your Creativity?

At Saxum, we pride ourselves with creativity at our center. To some, creativity comes in a lightbulb moment and for others, creativity takes time. Looking for inspiration, I asked five Saxumites what they do to cultivate their creativity.

Madison Bryan, Digital Strategist

What spurs your creativity?
“At work, it’s getting together and chatting with people. Then I go and do research to get ideas because you can’t be creative when you don’t know enough about something. I also do a lot of industry research, and I do a ton of reading just to see what others are doing and how people are responding to it. “

How do you start the creative process?
“I found a long time ago if you try to put a lot of limitations on your project before you get everyone together, it’s not as good.  I like to go way out to space and then reel it back in to make it work for the project and budget. That’s what gets me in a creative mindset. I like to get feedback from other people because I want to get buy in from other people. “

Ivan Caro, Designer

What spurs your creativity?
“Creativity itself is what inspires me. When I find myself having designer’s block, I look at things that I know inspire me. I’m really passionate about fashion design and photography, and even though that’s unrelated to what we do here it inspires me to do something creative with what I’m working on.”

 What’s your advice to inspire creativity?
“My professor would tell us to come up with the biggest idea we can and go from there because it’s always easier to have a big idea and make it smaller than it is to have a small idea and expand it.”

Houda Elyazgi, Account Director & Social Good Practice Lead

What spurs your creativity?
“I have to change my environment, so when I want to get creative, I go to a coffee shop. I am a self-proclaimed anthropologist. I love to study people, and observing others in their element inspires me. People give me the energy that keeps me moving. Energy is contagious, and being inspired is contagious.”

Outside of the office, what do you do to get creative?
“I like to travel. I find myself observing people in their element, but it’s completely different than what I’m accustomed to in Oklahoma City or Tulsa. I like to observe new marketing trends that might work in New York City and see how some of those experiences can translate into our client campaigns. I’ve found that creativity is facing your fears head on, doing something that makes you uncomfortable so you can learn something in the end.”

Lisa Lloyd, Integrated Project Director

What spurs your creativity?
“I’m much more of an analytical thinker. But being analytical doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not creative. My creativity comes from being able to understand the big picture. As far as inspiration for me, I really enjoy fashion. I think it’s a good creative outlet. I also like to go antiquing. It’s fun to see history and to think about the life that those objects have lived.”

What do you do get creative when you’re in a rut?
“The easiest way is to change my scenery by getting out of the office or getting out of the house. I think creativity takes on different forms. Most people think if you’re creative then you’re an artist, and I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Creativity isn’t just about what you put on paper, but more about what you put into the world. Thoughts, ideas and strategies can be just as creative as a piece of design work.”

Jessica Robbins, Associate Creative Director, User Experience

What spurs your creativity?
“As on demand as we have to be to be creative, it really is a state of mind. Doing something restorative to feed the monster of creativity helps you get creative. You can feed it from learning, play and failure. Failure is a really good one for sparking creativity. It makes you more resilient. Should you survive failure, you’ve learned something from it. You can future-proof your ideas that way.”

What is your creative outlet?
“I play music. I do yoga. I am notorious at home for picking up one-week hobbies. Right now, I’m doing boxing. I cook. I learn and research what I do every day. There’s a lot of work that goes into keeping up with technology, users and people in general. I’m always trying to hack the process.”

This post was written by Maggie Haliburton, Digital Intern


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