We are The Order.


We are The Order.

Creators of campaigns. Builders of brands. Artists, writers, photographers, and execs, our messages move the collective. Are you a member of The Order? Do you know one? Share away. #WeAreTheOrder

P.S. Learn more about the making of The Order campaign in the days to come.

PART 1 – The Idea

Every year, in cities across America, the local ad club, made up of members from advertising agencies, marketing firms, media companies, printers and digital shops,   hosts its annual award show – The ADDY® Awards.

Typically, the honor of creating the yearly theme for the show falls to one of the creative agencies in the district. For the Oklahoma City Advertising Club’s 49th annual ADDY Awards, Saxum had the honor.

The attendees are members of the top creative shops in the city. So how do we create a theme – a campaign, really – that would appeal to our peers?

As with any campaign, we started with the message.  In this case, we wanted to unite the industry. After all, that’s what the ADDYs are all about.

In mid-2014, our team began exploring a diverse array of thematic concepts. Over the course of several weeks, we convened and reconvened discussing the viability of our strongest ideas. One theme began to emerge – the idea that, if our world is driven by a cavalcade of messages, there must be a secret society of sorts that is in control of it all.

This is the idea that would bring everyone – people who are usually professional rivals – together for a night of fun.

As we began putting art and copy to paper, we found inspiration in a variety of sources, many of the “secret society” persuasion. We looked into the Illuminati, ancient symbolism and the like.

Each year, the event poster launches the campaign and sets the tone for the upcoming ADDYs. But doing the expected just wouldn’t jive with our concept.

PART 2 – Things Get Interesting

We were in the process of creating a number of themed pieces for the ADDYs and planned to deliver them via the usual channels. These projects included multiple digital messages via email and social media, a call for entries and other print pieces that would be mailed or distributed at events and several messages for outdoor boards.

However, this year’s themed poster would be the first piece to go public and we believed it needed to be distributed in a unique way, as though a veil to another realm was being pulled aside. We decided the best delivery strategy for the poster would be to have actual members of “The Order” walk into agencies and businesses across the city and hand the poster directly to the recipient. These Order members, cloaked in black, hooded robes and walking in step to the sounds of Gregorian chants, wordlessly left their mark upon dozens of shops during the span of several weeks in November.

The ADDYs were just a few months away at this point and we began concepting the feature video for the night of the event.

PART 3 – Filmmaking


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