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Twilight, Jazzercise and Integrated Solutions: Meet Saxum’s VP of Digital, Amy Pyles

As a passionate problem solver, Amy brings more than 10 years of experience shaping clients’ digital ecosystems into effective brand platforms.

Amy has worked with a wide array of brands and industries including Walmart, P&G, Arvest Bank, Crystal Bridges and Southwest Airlines. Her experience ranges from crafting digital campaigns, to leading complex web and mobile projects, to applying technology to create scalable business processes. She earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Business Administration from John Brown University.

When she’s not in the office or chasing after her two kiddos, Amy can be found whipping up the latest Pioneer Woman recipe then dancing it off on the Jazzercise floor.

Amy sat down to chat about her new role at Saxum, important digital trends and her favorite campaign to date.

Q: What about Saxum made you want to work here?

Honestly, it was the leadership, the values and the vision. I was also impressed with Renzi’s commitment to both clients and to employees.

Q: You’ve accumulated a broad base of digital marketing experience over the years. What major characteristics distinguish the best-marketed brands online?

The best brands understand what separates trends from viable media. Digital can be shiny, and it takes strategy to know which shiny objects to incorporate and which ones to ignore. Brands that maximize the holistic digital experience to wrap different channels together rise above the rest.

Q: What blogs, websites or social media accounts do you never miss?

It depends on what time you catch me. Right now, the one catching my eye is Contently. It focuses on content marketing and what’s changing in the space surrounding content including paid vs. earned.

Q: What importance, if any, is there in having an integrated approach to marketing and communications in today’s world? 

To a customer — whether business or consumer —  there’s only one brand. The customer needs to have a consistent experience wherever they’re interacting with you. Whether that’s on TV, inside a brick-and-mortar store, interacting with employees or visiting a website — the experience needs to remain consistent.

Customers should think, “I know what to expect when I interact with this brand.” That’s where the integration comes into play. Customers don’t care about a brand’s different marketing departments, but they deeply care about who you are as a brand.

Q: What professional quality are you most excited about bringing to Saxum?

Problem-solving. There’s always a problem to be solved and a creative solution to find. Solutions can manifest in any medium, and finding the answer is what I love to do. My mother and father engrained a love for problem-solving in me from an early age and it’s stuck with me.

Q: Who has been your biggest role model throughout your career? 

I’ve been really blessed in my career to have had a lot of mentors who have invested in me. When I started out as a graduate fellow at the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics at John Brown University, I had a really great mentor there who introduced me to public relations and the digital space. Then, I moved to my previous agency and had three separate mentors — all women — who helped shape me as a professional and a female leader.

Q: What is the top obstacle today’s brands face online?

I think it’s breaking through the clutter, especially in social. Everyone is there — trying to be heard and reach the same audience. The challenge is: “How do I efficiently make my content seen and relevant?”

Q: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

One of my proudest accomplishments goes back to working with Walmart when the first Twilight movie came out. I led an integrated campaign when digital campaigns were an afterthought.

I worked really hard to make sure the digital creative and experience matched everything customers would see on TV and in-store. The movie ended up becoming the fastest selling DVD of all time on Walmart’s online store – no doubt in part due to the integrated effort across the entire marketing department.


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