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The Harmonic Collision of Public Relations and Advertising

“The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.” – Pablo Picasso

And it’s becoming more obvious every day. The world of public relations and advertising are on a collision course, since we now know the traditional press release and the :30 broadcast spot are marginalized as “just another tactic” in the communications toolkit. This collision course is music to consumers’ and stakeholders’ ears and an imperative for serious marketing communication pros whose companies and agencies are crossing disciplinary boundaries to meet market demand.

Last week, I was elected to the board of the Council of PR Firms, a U.S. trade association in New York comprised of global industry leaders from many of the major agencies. We discussed the growing alignment of consumer brands and corporate reputations. “A Hidden Harmony,” a jointly published white paper documenting the connection between brand and corporate reputation by the Council and Harris Interactive, found “companies would achieve better results by adopting a new paradigm that takes product brand efforts and corporate reputation efforts out of their silos and deploys them jointly in pursuit of common objectives such as purchase consideration and recommendation.” You can read more about the study here.

As an agency with public relations roots, Saxum’s team is pushing to the middle with integrated expertise in the digital and advertising disciplines that rival any advertising or digital agency. It won’t be long before we lose the “PR” moniker altogether, although it has been gone for a while inside our walls, which is music to my ears.


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