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The Creative Flame

In my experience, I’ve found that the most powerful form of creativity comes after I’ve completely run out of ideas. It’s within that singular moment when I sink down to my elbows, as my head feels like a bowling ball resting in my hands. I look down at a desk littered with sheets covered in black from hundreds of sketches fighting over one another for my attention. Yet, only obvious answers stare back at me.

Desperately scratching at the back of my mind, I rummage through the myriad of empty boxes, covered in dust and cobwebs, only to revisit everything I’ve already found time and time again. Then everything stops. Time stands still. A flickering of something I’ve not noticed, hidden in a place I never looked.

To me, this never existed before that very moment. Not until after I have completely exhausted every option at my disposal, do I truly have the opportunity to exercise uninhibited creativity. Then, this kindle of an idea catches fire and sets blaze to the boundaries of the expected, bringing light to an entirely new set of opportunities and approaches.

Yet, the answer is always a simple solution. One so obvious, it almost overshadows the difficulty of getting to that specific point. A duality that was always there from the very beginning, but never there until now.

This is creativity, a designer’s passion.

In the end, the ink, like ashes, clings to my palms. It reminds me that in pursuit of the answer, to hold fast and wade through the countless ideas that will provide a quick and obvious solution, only to burn out over time. Instead, keep pushing until I have found the spark that will ignite the inferno that is the perfect solution.

Here are some sites I visit for inspiration:


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