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Tell me again what you do?

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When meeting someone new, a common question is, “What do you do?” For agency client service professionals, the answer is much more than “I work in client service.” The short version is that those working in client service serve as a liaison between the client and the agency. But the longer version reveals that client service pros wear many hats – strategic lead, project supervisor, financial manager – and in some instances sounding board, cat herder and hugger.

The main priority for client service professionals at Saxum is strategic oversight. We work with clients and other teams to research, define, implement, adhere to and evaluate a strategy. When there is a well-defined strategic plan, many of the other perceived “hurdles” fall into place. Without a clearly defined strategy, messaging can be disjointed – and being inconsistent is the biggest mistake a brand can make. We are strategy advocates; sometimes it’s on behalf of the client to the agency, and sometimes it’s on behalf of the agency to the client. Balancing the two can be a challenge, but when there is a carefully defined strategy, the story often tells itself.

Client service pros may spend a lot of time managing people and projects, putting out fires and “just checking in,” but it’s all based on a carefully curated strategic plan – one that will hopefully yield a return on engagement for our clients.


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