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Share Smarter Content: 4 Lifesaving Habits to Build a Valuable Following

4 Habits to Share Smarter Content | Saxum

“I can’t produce content that consistently engages and doesn’t all sound the same!” cries your company’s appointed blogger, frustration steadily building. She’s not alone. Sixty-percent of business-to-business content marketers struggle to produce engaging content to promote their business. Another cite producing a variety of content as their top challenge. Don’t despair — there’s still hope (and a spread of tools to help.)

Audiences crave a fresh, differentiated perspective that makes their life better in some way. No one becomes a thought-leader with a laser-focused audience overnight. Get off the ground by building smart habits to identify and frame valuable information for your ideal reader. As an end-game, you can expect to leverage your following to snag sales leads and expand your credibility. So what’re you waiting for?

1) Research highly shareable and trending content through Buzzsumo. To write a popular blog post for the masses, first survey the field to find highly shared content that’s already working. Buzzsumo’s web service makes this otherwise tedious chore incredibly simple by enabling users to search for the most popular or shared content for a particular keyword or topic. The site’s insightful search can help writers, video producers and social strategists identify emerging short-term trends or gain  perspective on a topic’s most successful posts.

Use Buzzsumo's trend analysis to stay current,

2) Identify pains and learn from industry experts on Quora. This site’s question and answer format lends itself nicely to learning about specific topics readers want to know about. Better yet, savvy marketers can quickly learn directly from niche experts who are sharing their hard-earned advice for free. Go search “content marketing” on Quora right now and a stream of questions ranging from beginner mistakes to advanced SEO strategies rises to the top. Many of these topics could spark a related topic for your next blog post, infographic or video.

3) Start crafting an inescapable headline and topic with Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Misfit headlines generally don’t attract significant attention and bland or poorly framed content rarely lends itself to gripping headlines. Hubspot offers a simple tool to address both. Enter 3 nouns associated with an upcoming blog post and the site provides 5 possible topics with clickable headlines. The tool isn’t bulletproof, but offers a relevant starting place for fine-tuning.


4) Become a freakishly organized planner with Evernote and Trello. Only about 1 in 3 content marketers document their strategy, which creates an uphill battle to consistently produce novel and relevant content. Planning upcoming topics and capturing related ideas across the web improves the process involved to research and write new posts. Build a structured posting schedule and start building an idea bank with these free organizational tools. Evernote excels at archiving information for high accessibility later. Trello shines when managing lists, processes, calendars and shared documents. Pick one and get focused.

This post was written by Matt Woods, Saxum intern.


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