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Saxum’s Hobby Lobby Campaign Shortlisted for In2 SABRE Award

Developing an interactive online platform around a controversial case is no easy task. When family-owned arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby stood up for the religious freedom of private, family-owned businesses, the Saxum team stepped in to help manage its online presence. Last month, Saxum’s innovative work was shortlisted for a 2015 In2 SABRE Award for Best Use of Facebook.

From December 2013 through July 2014, ​Saxum championed a Facebook page dedicated to the issues surrounding the Supreme Court case to cultivate an online community separate from Hobby Lobby’s consumer channels. Saxum’s approach was to use the page to its fullest potential when it came to meaningful engagement; each day, our digital team monitored conversation and responded directly to foster productive conversation and dispel misinformation.​

In a forum where active and diverse participation could easily hijack the agenda, Saxum kept the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case page (formerly Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby) functioning as an open and positive presence, guided by clear, consistent messaging.

Saxum’s strategy of social transparency yielded exciting gains in engagement: The Facebook page successfully generated 194,850 total likes, comments and shares, reaching 3.5 million users as of Aug. 31, 2014. A series of graphics dubbed “9 Things You Need to Know about Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court Case,” which effectively disseminated knowledge about the case before oral arguments, were shared 2,458 times by Facebook fans.

In all, Saxum’s “Burwell v. Hobby Lobby” Facebook page was a crucial space for educating the public and promoting civil dialogue. So much so, that when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Green family’s deeply held religious beliefs, Saxum used the page to announce the news and thank supporters.

The In2 SABRE awards recognize outstanding achievements in branding, engagement and storytelling, including inventive uses of digital spaces as immersive communication opportunities.

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