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Saxum Summership Winner Gets Unexpected Encounter

Welcome to the Mother-Ship, Kid

I froze, my eyes twitching to a heaving vinyl bounce-house and snapping back to the ridiculous scene unfolding in front of me. “There’s no way this is a normal Monday,” I thought, pondering the flavor of shadowing experience I’d blundered into.

Suspiciously eyeing the swaying inflatable obstacle-course, I craned my neck to see Saxum’s nearly 7-foot CEO tumble down the towering inflatable. Pooling around the slide in gym apparel, a gaggle of creative, account service and digital team members crowed with laughter.

Welcome to Saxum.

My rolling-in-the-grass, snow-cone-eating, eleventh-anniversary-celebrating introduction to the integrated communication firm’s Summership program kicked off a three day exploration too sweet to forget. Hand-in-hand with about a dozen peers, I dived into the agency’s culture and came out hungry for more.

After another handful of initial presentations painting the guts-and-glory of marrying advertising, public relations and digital, I picked some employees’ brains and things clicked.

“People and passion and persuading are the three most important skills in a creative’s arsenal,” I scribbled in my Moleskine, paraphrasing Sr. Art Director Jessica Robbins. I sat catty-corner to her desk, mesmerized by the verbal gold she casually dispensed. By the end of the day, the familiar feeling was par for the course.

Throughout lunch on the second day, my pizza sat cold and abandoned as I glued my focus on Saxum founder Renzi Stone’s every word. As he glided effortlessly from vivid visions of marketing’s future to perennial career advice, I debated locking the “large stone” himself into the conference room. Did it really have to end?

The half-week was a blur, jumping from high to high to our mock campaign presentation finish. As I carpooled back to Norman with my classmate, Lexi, she continued to buzz excitedly.

“Everyone there just loves their job and they’re so passionate,” she gushed.

I think she might be on to something.


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