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The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM) is focused on helping individuals who are re-entering society have a second chance at a better life. TEEM offers their clients educational and social services, and job training and placement. In 27 years, TEEM has helped over 13,000 individuals change their lives. Additionally, TEEM aims to help parents become better caregivers to help break the cycle of poverty and incarceration.

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TEEM was faced with a unique challenge. It had been a while since they had revamped their brand and collateral materials. TEEM wanted more than an organizational face lift; they wanted to change the face of incarceration in the process. This meant that TEEM needed a well thought out re-brand to not only change the look of their organization, but also help shed light on the issue of incarceration. As Saxum developed solutions, we needed to keep in mind the challenges that surround those that have been incarcerated. Like anyone else, those that have been incarcerated have dreams of a better life. Those dreams range from being a better parent, to getting a job or going back to school. Unfortunately, many times, because of an individual’s past, the doors to reach those goals are shut almost immediately.


Saxum kept this unique situation in mind as we helped TEEM with a re-brand, developed a campaign website and updated collateral materials. As the centerpiece of the work done with TEEM, Saxum developed several brand concepts for TEEM to choose from. TEEM chose to go with the door logo because of what it represents to TEEM participants. This logo symbolizes the open doors and dreams that can be realized through what TEEM offers it participants, a second chance. After a logo was chosen, Saxum began work to develop a fundraising campaign site that would meet TEEM’s goal of putting a face to incarceration and raising money to help support services they provide their clients on a daily basis. Finally, Saxum set out to help re-vamp TEEM collateral, namely their informative brochure. All of these initiatives worked together to help TEEM communicate their message and goals cohesively.


The first major marketing push with the new design elements was TEEM’s annual community hygiene drive. Throughout the hygiene drive, TEEM incorporated the new logo and color scheme into displays assembled in numerous organizations, businesses and retailers in Oklahoma City. As a result, TEEM received approximately 5,000 products for the drive compared to only 1,147 items of product collected last year. The new branding and marketing efforts resulted in a 326 percent increase of donations. TEEM’s website has also seen an increase in web traffic since the re-design of six percent. In addition, TEEM’s re-vamped collateral has helped brand the organization’s direct mail campaign. Contributions through their direct mail initiatives have increased by 264 percent and new donors have increased by 143 percent.


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