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To celebrate and ride the wave of interest in Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day, Saxum sought to create a meaningful and shareable piece of content that would demonstrate our world’s deep engagement and close connection with social media.

Embracing the day’s name, our team set out to produce an infographic that would visualize daily social media activity by platform.

While initial research revealed some potentially promising data, our team could only find bits and pieces of information scattered across the web; there was no single comprehensive source for any platform that detailed all usage numbers.

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Strategy / Tactics

After a few weeks of culling data, our team began to analyze the numbers to ensure we had the main data points covered for each channel.We also had to define a standard methodology in calculating daily numbers.

We decided to showcase a total of 10 platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Slideshare and Instagram.

Because functionality and existing data varied from platform to platform, we included the following data points, as they fit each channel:

  • Total platform users
  • Total active users
  • Percentage of active users against total user base
  • Percentage of those who check their newsfeed and how often
  • Photos uploaded
  • Likes
  • Number of minutes spent online dedicated to that particular platform
  • Best and worst posting times and days, according to traffic numbers and engagement rates
  • Search queries
  • Tweets
  • Number of follows Justin Bieber gains
  • Endorsements generated
  • Registered new users
  • Company pages added
  • Unique visitors
  • Videos shared on Twitter
  • Uses of +1 button
  • Blog posts generated
  • Hours of video watched
  • Hours of video uploaded
  • Total presentations
  • Page views

We also included a handful of noteable daily online trends, including total number of emails sent, blog posts written and Google search.


Not only was our team surprised by the amount of social media posts, visits and interactions per day the data revealed, the media and public seemed just as shocked as well. Upon releasing our Social Media In A Day infographic, we saw an overwhelming amount of positive results, including media coverage on Business Insider, Media Bistro, SocialTimes and Social Barrel, to name a few.

To date, the infographic has received more than 1,500 views on Visually, the world’s largest online community of data visualization. The infographic is ranked No. 374 out of 3,149 under “social media” on the site, reaching the top 12 percent in its category.

From the aforementioned articles, Visually and Saxum’s promotion on Twitter alone, our infographic reached more than 5 million accounts, generating more than 6 million impressions.

Best of all, thanks to links embedded within media coverage, Saxum’s website traffic saw a huge spike over five days totaling more than 3,000 visits, a 325-percent increase from the previous week. The infographic also was the driver behind the highest single-day traffic in the history of


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