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Saxum wanted to convey our definition of “a better bold” in a surprising and unorthodox way that would work in tandem with an overall rebranding of our organization. How could we do so clearly and succinctly, inspiring current clients while gaining the attention of potential clients? How could we convey the fact that our definition of boldness is something greater than our competitors’?

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At Saxum, we wanted to create something more than a promotional item, we wanted to create a movement – something that others in our community could own, and use to inspire others.

Knowing that Hip Hop is a strong genre of music that often defies the status quo, we developed a video that would combine spoken word verse with rap. The video “lives” not only on common media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, but also on Hip Hop channels such as Rapzilla.

Furthermore, the video acted as the “hook,” for a much larger movement. Saxum developed a website, onlyfewdare.com, where the community could share inspirational stories. The video also inspired a partnership with GRP FLY, an urban clothier.


The video has accumulated 25,000 views and counting, and has been well adopted not only by the local community, but also by a nationwide audience. Players on the Oklahoma City Thunder have been spotted wearing the shirts, as have other influential members of out community, including former collegiate national champion and NFL champion head coach Barry Switzer. Onlyfewdare.com continues to collect personal stories of how community members have witnessed boldness in their daily lives or how they have used the video to inspire others.


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