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The University of Oklahoma recently designed and launched a new platform for online learning called Janux, an interactive learning community unlike any other. Throughout the past decade, online learning has taken a lead in the advancements of higher education. OU saw a need to take online learning a step further by creating a platform that enhanced the user experience, encouraged engagement and yielded more effective learning. The platform was brought to Saxum as OU Open Course, unnamed and unbranded. Once Saxum completed the naming and branding process, we were tasked with promoting the platform, positioning it among national media and thought leaders in higher education, and ultimately increasing enrollment.

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Saxum walked University representatives through our interactive Big Rock Branding® process and conducted an online survey of students. As a result, we developed the name Janux for the brand, as well as a logo, tagline and brand standards which adhered to OU’s existing brand standards but also differentiated Janux from competitors. Local, regional, national and trade media relations plans were established to begin the promotion of Janux. Saxum also developed and executed an advertising strategy to promote the organization’s partnership with The History Channel targeting students and others who fit the profile of a lifelong learner.


At the beginning of the fall 2013 semester, 448 students were enrolled in Janux courses. By the end of the fall semester, 5,938 students were signed up. The most prominent media placements took place in Spring 2014. Due to the exposure and momentum Saxum created during the spring 2014 semester, Janux saw a 20 percent increase in sign ups, from 17,429 to 20,908.

Janux was featured in national and industry-specific publications such as Inside Higher Ed, Ed Tech Digest and eCampus News. These placements were strategic as the main demographic reading the publications are leaders and influencers in higher education and online learning. Additionally, Saxum’s paid media strategy for promoting The History Channel partnership secured more than 7,352,802 impressions during the campaign, a 70 percent increase from the estimated goal. Saxum also reported a marked increase in traffic on the Janux website; specifically, there were 22,624 total sessions from Nov. 1 – Nov. 30, 2014 and nearly one-third were returning visitors.


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