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Hogan Assessments is one of the most successful and well-regarded assessments providers in the world. Hogan Assessments pioneered the use of personality assessments to improve organizational and workplace performance.

Hogan Assessments came to Saxum to start a new working relationship after another party recently completed a website re-design for Hogan. The recently designed website was not built in a way that would make it mobile friendly. Given that more and more users are on mobile devices, a site that isn’t prepared for mobile capabilities would be a hindrance to overall functionality and effectiveness for Hogan. The situation was urgent and Hogan needed an easy-to-use and low-maintenance mobile website for their firm in 30 days.

Hogan Assessments also came to Saxum with a unique challenge to build a “The Science of Personality” brochure microsite purely from a PDF file designed by Hogan. The microsite needed to display the Hogan brochure content in a responsive and compelling way.

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In order to meet the requested Hogan deadline, Saxum needed to begin work immediately. Websites, mobile or traditional, typically take 60-90 days to build. Saxum answered the call by creating a flexible framework for the mobile site that uses an open content management system. With this tactic in place, Saxum was able to build the site quickly. The content management system also facilitated seamless editing of content for Hogan in the future.

Additionally, Saxum designed the mobile website with the same look and feel as the traditional desktop user website to be succinct across channels. The platform boasts features that make aspects of the desktop website easily able to translate to the mobile website. Specifically built for mobile users, this website holds a unique URL and features such as video capabilities, fully functioning swipe gestures, mobile downloads, animation and share features.

Saxum also found a solution to create The Science of Personality microsite in a compelling way. Hogan provided a document full of content to be included. Working with the Hogan creative director, Saxum refined the typography and spacing elements to come to a design that was ready to showcase. The solution amounted in a single page responsive microsite with appealing colors and pleasing presentation to the user directly linked from the Hogan homepage. Typically, sites are designed and constructed from the ground up. The solution was unique given that the microsite was built from an existing PDF document.


Both projects were completed on time and on budget for Hogan Assessments. It is significant to note that the mobile website was delivered in 30 days as promised. The mobile website and The Science of Personality microsite are now both fully functioning. Hogan Assessments has been very pleased with Saxum’s delivered products. Saxum continues to work with Hogan on multiple current interactive projects.


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